Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom

More than a year has past since Colorado became the first state in the United States to legalise the sale of recreational Marijuana, but sometimes the line between whats legal and what isn’t is still a little hazy. In this documentary, reporter Harry Smith examines the issue of cannabis in the workplace, as Colorado employers try to reconcile with a more-open cannabis culture with the workplace enforcing zero tolerance rules.

We also get a glimpse into the other side of Marijuana, a more serious side were people have moved to Colorado in order to use the drug medicinally for chronic pain and other such illnesses.

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  1. To closure. Marijuana is only harmful to developing brains, i.e. those of children and teenagers, which is why only adults are legally allowed to consume it. There is no evidence of brain damage in adults. This drug is extremely beneficial to society. It is affordable and effective. I cannot afford to go to doctors and pay hundreds of dollars a month for harmful prescription medications. I can however afford recreational marijuana to treat my back and neck pain with no adverse side effects. I have been on prescription opiates in the past and they do nothing but harm. This drug is NOT advisable for people with mental illnesses and it can actually exacerbate existing problems or cause at risk individuals to develop symptoms such as schizophrenia. For an otherwise healthy person it is a non-harmful and effective alternative medication. You are obviously speaking out of your ass and are an indoctrinated idiot that will believe anything that agrees with your uninformed opinion.

  2. @closure – You talk pure shite

  3. this legalization of marijuana isn’t as good as it maybe perceived, it’s been found to hinder the development of the brain, damaging/reducing the ability to work the cognitive..etc, to be honest i’m astonished that it became legal and no the actual fact that society see it as beneficial ( while it’s not) this drug is only suppose to be used for mentally ill people who suffer from disorders not well being individuals