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This one is just for Cheryl. The big question after all these years and scientific findings, is why the US government still classifies marijuana as a class one drug, akin to heroin and crank. Doctors will tell you the miracles it works for the chronically ill, cancer patients and for a natural sleep aid. It’s a crop that earns more than corn, and Americans grow some of the best of it in the world. The legitimate earning potential for farmers and distributors is astronomical.

Correspondent Lisa Ling goes undercover to private fields and indoor state of the art hydroponic farms talking to the very reasonable and resolute people who will not buckle under possible legal ramifications. The movement to end the draconian punishments for possession and growing increase every day, as the population is getting older and sicker, insurance is harder to obtain and pay for and who refuse to be held hostage by Big pharmaceutical companies gouging consumers for legal alternatives.

Ling goes to “Oaksterdam”, a part of Oakland that has become a legal medical marijuana haven and in the process, has revitalized the entire neighborhood by invigorating nearby businesses and shops. Even those who are not users are happy about the transformative nature the pot trade has done to help the local economy. One advocate estimated that nearly $3 million in annual tax revenue was contributed to the city of Oakland in 2003 alone, with revenue increasing annually.

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  1. The Political Correct United States of America has gained a Worldwide Reputation at being the most Uneducated Developed Nation in the World. We gained this reputation because every corner of Intelligence that we come across, The Politically Correct Government of The United States of America is there to Corrupt the means of becoming Educated. The Government of The United States of America did this in the investigation of September 11, 2001, and now in this Documentary the Government of The United States of America is interfering with the Nation of getting a Scientific Intelligence with Cannabis. Every corner that we turn we have the Government of The United States of America there to interfere with the Nation gaining Intelligence; EVERY FREAKING CORNER, and we are now The Most Uneducated Developed Nation in THE WORLD!

    Take Notice:

    In the Year of 2015, Washington D.C which is The Capital of The United States of America Legalized up to TWO OUNCES of Cannabis, and up to six plants all for personal Recreational use inside your Washington D.C dwelling, but you have to go to an illegal drug runner to get the product because Cannabis Sales are still illegal. Now, am I missing something here? Does Washington D.C want me to go to an illegal drug runner and give them my money which in turn makes the money “Untraceable!” Why does Washington D.C. want to keep the money “Untraceable?” “Untraceable Money” has been known to turn into illegal gun running; such as, The United States of America learned with “The Iran-Contra Affair.” This does seem to be the finished product; that being illegal gun running, that The Government of The United States of America is really interested in! Am I correct in my assumption of the desired finished product to be illegal gun running?! It is not drugs that overthrow Governments that The White House has targeted; it is GUNS that does the job! EYE 5

  2. Horrible propaganda movie, full of lies

  3. The first grow with 44 plants would only yield about 44k$, not 150k$ as they claim. That is going by the general known average weight per indoor plant is 2.5 OZ, at an above average cost of 400$ per OZ. But apparently the exaggerated numbers most likely help with funding to battle the people.

  4. way to go nat geo, only tell part of the truth but go ahead a spread some government lies.

    • Who owns the shows? Who makes the money? low budget films will never make it on T.V and even if they had money and lots of it, they would get canceled thanks to the fact that curing something doesn’t payout life trying to mend something that keeps breaking. In other words the air anything that ‘They” don’t like. they loose their jobs and crediblities! Cruel and horrible world we live in!

  5. Thanks for the article, like 99% of the websites on google were clearly written by a foreigner. Question: do u think websites such as how to roll a joint should be allowed on the web for minors?

    • Well yeah duh!!! Can’t expect them to teach themselves! Think of the wastage from a badly rolled J. And plus sometimes I am just wwaaaaaaayyyyy to tanked to do it for myself and who else am I going to get to roll them then my 10yr old??? Huh????
      (And before you come at me with the hate they are turning 11 in like a month)

    • yes, here is a good example of why america and alot of ppl suffer today, ppl are always trying to control things we honestly can’t, the more you try to control something the more it asks for equal respect or it is a failure. you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink, stop trying to control everything and let go.

    • Question: Do U think you should comment on subjects you don’t know nothin’ about?

      Warming up the vaporizer.

  6. How about some research?Let the Scientists do what they do best and give their work to the government. We do it for every other Drug. They don’t want to do that because then the DEA will have to close down a whole department. Its economics.

  7. “If you figure about a pound a plant…” Oh man, if only.