Marijuana Nation

This one is just for Cheryl. The big question after all these years and scientific findings, is why the US government still classifies marijuana as a class one drug, akin to heroin and crank. Doctors will tell you the miracles it works for the chronically ill, cancer patients and for a natural sleep aid. It’s a crop that earns more than corn, and Americans grow some of the best of it in the world. The legitimate earning potential for farmers and distributors is astronomical.

Correspondent Lisa Ling goes undercover to private fields and indoor state of the art hydroponic farms talking to the very reasonable and resolute people who will not buckle under possible legal ramifications. The movement to end the draconian punishments for possession and growing increase every day, as the population is getting older and sicker, insurance is harder to obtain and pay for and who refuse to be held hostage by Big pharmaceutical companies gouging consumers for legal alternatives.

Ling goes to “Oaksterdam”, a part of Oakland that has become a legal medical marijuana haven and in the process, has revitalized the entire neighborhood by invigorating nearby businesses and shops. Even those who are not users are happy about the transformative nature the pot trade has done to help the local economy. One advocate estimated that nearly $3 million in annual tax revenue was contributed to the city of Oakland in 2003 alone, with revenue increasing annually.

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