Marilyn Monroe The Final Days

Documentary about the moviestar’s last months including her tumultuous love affairs, drug and alcohol dependency, depression and eventual firing from her final film, 20th Century Fox’s “Something’s Got To Give”. Features several first time interviews with the people surrounding Monroe at the end of her life, behind the scenes footage and stills, and the assembled footage from her final film, co-starring Dean Martin and Cyd Charisse.

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  1. She was one of the sexiest woman of that time,i wish i was there for here when she needed ,to talk to somebody and talk what was on her heart and support,i miss her ,we are the same age

  2. MM neither committed suicide nor overdozed on drugs. Refer wikipadia for the circumstances and method of killing both Marilyn and Dorothy Kilgallen and get a clue. MM was killed by fascist group within Govt / CIA / FBI because she came to know the details of jfk murder plan. She was killed by the Chicago mob with the poisonous suppository supplied by the fascist group. She was killed immediately after RFK left her house at 10.30 pm to ensure fall of jfk government. However rfk covered up her murder staging it as suicide scenerio and govt did not fall. However ultimately the fascist forces killed jfk, rfk, john k dorothy kilgallen and dozens of witnesses of jfk murder. Though there is a possibility of casual sexual encounters between jfk and mm there is no supporting evidence for the same. There were no serious and lasting relationship between them. As regards mm and rfk affairs even Fbi Hoover and some senior CIA agents also personally did not believe that there existed any affairs between them. After Marilyn’s murder Fbi Hoover and his mafia stooges / friends started Marilyn’s character assassination in order to divert public attention from truth and real storey. In this process they spread many lies and false stories about Marilyn’s character her habits and other personal matters. The same was further promoted by such money hungry people as Robert Slatzer and Jeane Carmen. It even continues today and my advice to all people who believe in justice and fair play is that they should inquire and read some reliable and authentic bio of MM and not pick up any rubbish from the more than 700 + books regarding Marilyn available in the market today. One more problem with MM was that she was surrounded by all sorts of spies. Mrs Murray spied on behalf of Dr Greenson. Dr Greenson spied on behalf of Fbi Hoover and if we believe Jeffrie’s storey he was submitting his report directly to Kremlin. Pat Newcomb spied on behalf of Kennedys. And last but not least important Jose Bolanos from Maxico was CIA informant and not Marilyn’s lover as is generally believed. Believe in truth that Marilyn was a good woman. She generally took only prescription pills and never indulged in hard drinks though she suffered from severe insomnia. She indulged in open socially significant parlour talk but never spied behind closed doors for communists. There are so many lies, false stories and fake photographs available on internet today. But dont believe them and use your discretion. There is a photo of queen Elizabeth sitting on toilet. Will you believe it is genuine.

  3. I completely agree. Sooo many ppl dont understand others (or care enough to), that they just ASSUME someone is being difficult or unreasonable because they ‘want to’, etc. In most cases there are sooo many underlying issues as to why that person IS the way they ARE …. It’s just SAD that are so many ‘closed-minded’ ppl who just DONT CARE! I know first hand what saddness, anxiety, dispression & other mental illnesses can produce…. I am & so was my teenage daughter, afflicated with these unimaginable feelings that no doctor or person can understand OR want to deal with.
    God Bless you Marilyn & My daughter Stephanie …. Sleep with the Angels!

  4. This girl spent so mich of her life in sadness – god bless u maruyn