Mars Rising

Journey to the Red Planet

This episode sets the stage for the entire human mission to Mars project, exploring a future Mars city, the physical and mental challenges of the trip to Mars and international efforts to reach the red planet.

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  1. Not broken no more. Good documentary!

  2. I’m transmitting from Mars right now.  It’s mad fucking boring. 

  3. This is awesome! GotTold . com

  4. As a blog reader, I am readily on the search for reads that are both awesome and pleasing to digest and I must say your blog passed my criteria. Many thanks for the enlightening content you have created! Will be coming back soon!

  5. What a bull… they are never gonna go. Not just because Obama has revised the plan but also because humans are facing plenty of problems on earth that will cost us so much that no one is going to be able to finance a trip to mars anyhow…