Martial Law 9/11: The Rise of the Police State

If you don’t know who Alex Jones is, you will never forget him after watching this ground-shaking documentary about the creeping police state in the United States.

Know that the north and south towers of the World Trade Center Complex were not the only two buildings to collapse that day? Did you know a third one collapsed hours after the collapses of the twin towers?

How did this third building collapse if it wasn’t hit by an airplane? Loose Change raises such questions and other blatant contradictions about the official 9/11 story fed to us by the government and media. By far one of the most comprehensive documentaries questioning what really happened on 9/11 and who should really be held accountable.

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  3. Alex Jones is always amusing even though he’s full of shit.

  4. the land of the free!!!!

  5. Not a single response to this here yet, eh?

    Well I suppose I’ll start by saying I hope Alex made this film as a joke, or does he seriously believe that 9/11 was the start of the American Police State?

    9/11 just gave them an excuse to be more overt in their fascist policies, for example before it was legal for U.S intelligence and police groups to spy on U.S citizens programs like Epsilon simply had third party’s spying on U.S citizens for American intelligence and police agencies.

    Incarceration rates were highest in the world in the U.S decades before 9/11 came along, most of those incarcerations being for non-violent crimes of course.

    The U.S government was protecting gun manufacturers from any possible legal repercussions from marketing weapons to criminals long before 9/11, in the formation of a good police state you need armed criminals to give reason for ridiculous spending on arming police forces with military grade weaponry.

    Just ask that one Sheriff in Texas who bought a million + dollar Armored Personnel Carrier for his drug task force AFTER they had supposedly reduced drug crime rates in his town to minimal levels expressly for the purpose of intimidating people in an attempt to keep the crime rates down.

    No-knock police raids were common place long before 9/11, the Cato Institute I believe still has a list of some of the many cases of mistaken raids on innocent people that caused injuries or deaths to innocents, animals(family pets reacting to heavily armed invaders being “put down” by cops and such) and police officers.

    In many cases police with no identifying marks(except maybe on their backs) kicking down a door in the middle of the night AFTER announcing “police” outdoors(while the person is inside sleeping typically) enter a home heavily armed and the innocent homeowner who is jolted awake mistakes them for illegal home invaders and goes for a weapon in self defense only to be gunned down in the “self defense” of the heavily armed invaders.

    Typical police reaction to such an incident: He was innocent of any crime? Oh, our bad, we were just trying to do our jobs… He should not have mistakenly believed he had the right to defend himself from what he perceived as a threat to his home and life when clearly he could have used x-ray vision to see our “Police” ID on our backs, silly bugger. Oh well, we’re still going to seize all his assets to use to further fund our paramilitary home invasions since he won’t be needing them anyways.

    PS – We will probably give the officer(s) who killed him some commendations for fine service, just so they know it was an honest mistake that happens in the line of duty and nothing wrong was done and they won’t be held accountable for anything…shit happens.

    Yeah, the American Police State has only arisen after 9/11, before that America was a hippy colony if I recall correctly.

    • keep it up johnny, I find myself looking more for your comments then for any particular documentaries. always thought provoking.

      • Yes, I knew a third building went down since the 11/9/2001…because it was reported on most channels. Next question?

      • Yes, I knew a third building went down since the 11/9/2001…because it was reported on most channels. Next question?

        • Yep – I saw it too. I also know why it collapsed – as does just about every person in the world who could be bothered to find out. It’s true that the US is becoming a police state – that much is simply blindingly obvious – but to try to use these insane conspiracy theories to advance their ’cause’? It’s just sad really.