The most intelligent serial murderers can be the most dangerous. Edmund Kemper, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, and Randy Kraft all showed genius-level IQs, and their extraordinary intellect allowed them to kill for years-sometimes decades-without getting caught. Where do the lines of evil and intelligence intersect? Armed with new scientific discoveries on early brain development, Dr. Stone analyzes Kemper, Kaczynski, and Kraft to find out what made these killers use their cunning for crime.

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  1. There is nothing on Randy Kraft in here…. misleading description. Lost a lot of precious time in my research.

  2. Drawn out, pointlessly, at times, very cheesy and melodramatic whilst skirting about more interesting or important details about the murderers to focus on shoddy pseudo science and dramatization.

    Good if you want a tit-bit, shallow leveled discussion of murderers but wouldn’t recommend for any intellectual look at these people. Very pop-murder kinda show.

    Rating: 2/5 (in my opinion)

  3. The real psychopathic monsters… Enron The Smartest Guys In The Room

  4. Rather incomplete and trite exploration. Discovery has created an easy selling, but rather vacuous interlude of horror. I was hoping to find real ideas, conclusions or some state of the art psychology. It’s media for the ADD generation. I especially did not like the repetition after the “commercial breaks”. A big waste of time.

  5. I looooooove this! Thanks for free download I’ve listened a billion times

  6. You want to see some real evil psychopathic monsters, check out Wall St.

    Their crimes and the ruination of the US go largely unpunished.

  7. It’s a nice little doc, although I fail to see the point of the “Evil ‘O Meter”.

  8. This is some crazy evil motherfuckers

  9. also kaczynski was NOT a serial killer. kaczynski has a legitimate critique of civilization. this is a real philosophical trend with real concerns, that touches on anti-imperialism, anti-globalization, anti-exploitation, environmentalism, etc. some pretty leftist stuff to be sure, but not so uncommon. ‘terrorist,’ fine. but his concern was ultimately political/philosophical, not sexual or sadistic. alot of people these days spout off ideas you can read in the so-called ‘unabomber manifesto’ (really titled ‘Industrial Society and Its Future’), he was just saying them 10 years before anybody else.

  10. if these guys are so smart maybe they figured something out that we don’t know?

  11. i wish i could talk to these guys 1v1.. getting into they’re psyche would be astonishing for psychology.

    • You can always send them a letter asking questions. You would even be doing them a favour. There’s not much else to do in prison than work out, watch TV and read and write.

  12. These guys should be put in jail!