In his early twenties and with no formal training McCullin began his career in Finsbury Park, London, with pictures of the violent teenage gangs who appeared to rule the roost in the 1950’s. McCullin would however go on to capture history as it was being made baring witness to some of the bloodiest conflicts of the last fifty years. A self confessed war junkie, Don McCullin’s quest to bring the ugly truths of war to the international attention would come at great personal cost.

Through this film we get a great insight into why Don McCullin is considered one of the greatest living war photographers and often cited as an inspiration for today’s photojournalists.

Directed by: Jacqui Morris , David Morris

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  1. Fascinating documentary and haunting indeed…

  2. he knew no GOD. he was dead taking pictures of the dead. what a sad story for all who died, those who lived may have found the truth of life, it is about something. try not to lose yourself while finding it. all the all the players matters and so does what each of them do…