McQueen and I

Alexander McQueen was the rebel king of British fashion, a designer who reinvented the catwalk and created clothes that silenced his audience, being described as brilliant, offensive, beautiful and outrageous. He was making such a statement, pushing everything to the edge and people either loved his designs or hated them.

McQueen was the son of an East London taxi driver who took over one of the grandest fashion houses in the world, an anarchist whose astonishing rise was made possible by an even more outrageous companion, model Isabella Blow but what neither of them could have guessed was the cost of their journey.

The very moment it seemed as though McQueen had it all it ended, the suicide first of the woman who had discovered him and then of McQueen himself. This is a fable of fashion, a world that discards its past in an instant and drives its creators relentlessly in search of the next best thing.

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