Mechanized Death: Legendary Driving Safety Film

Legendary “shock” driving safety film featuring numerous scenes of mutilated cars and injured/dead people and a voice over lacking in compassion.

Produced in cooperation with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and shown to millions of young drivers for over 40 years.

Signal 30 is just one of several Driver’s Education films produced by Highway Safety Films, filmed at actual auto accident scenes and consisting largely of color closeups of mangled accident victims.

Other titles in the series included Carrier or Killer, Highways of Agony, Mechanized Death and Wheels of Tragedy. There were also imitators; Death on the Highway is probably the most (in)famous.

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  1. OMG!!! How many is with me when I say seeing the 1st time in drivers ed was more then enough?

  2. umm…disturbing. and it’s not even in HD.

  3. That first sound effect is the same one used throughout Nervous Norvus’s 1950s hit record “transfusion”!

  4. Blogroll links aint that great 😛 but i am not the admin… 😛 … Just Telling 😛 😀