Meet The Mormons

In this film we meet several British Mormons, young missionaries who’s job it is to convert us to their particular brand of Christianity. Run from Salt Lake City in Utah the Mormon religion is an empire that spans 185 countries including the United Kingdom.

Thomas S. Monson is the current world leader of Mormonism, the principal branch of the Latter Day Saint movement of Restorationist Christianity and his appointment to the position was broadcast online to the 15 million Mormons located around the world. To his followers he is a living prophet who receives revelations directly from God.

Meet The Mormons gains fascinating and extremely rare insight into a controlled world through the eyes of the younger members, those who are expected to give up two years of their lives for the church, they call them “Ambassadors of God”.


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  1. we all have our stories of these encounters with the church of the latter day saints, or the guys that seem to dislike me , both claim Jesus had his day, which in fact he did, as much as i don’t understand them. i do not dislike them. i find fault with them not willing to hear me out, as much as they must find fault with everyone, or most people simply dismissing them as nuts. i am pretty sure joeish smith had the visits he said he did. as to whether he stayed true to the letter, as to what was said, is not up to me to point out or pass judgement on. i will say this, i believe the numbers will fair better for them on judgement day as compared to the Christians. we can find the truth in a forest, even if we spent our whole life their. yes, our father is that good at doing his job. we know for sure, no, not one of the non believers make it. to look around and say this just happened is just plain nuts. this the masters test is coming to its end and forever sits waiting for us all somewhere. please believe anything over nothing. do what you do for a reason greater than it feels good or pays well. find a reason and reason will find you…

    • Dear Chip,

      I am grateful that you have shared your feelings about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Please remember that no man on the earth is perfect as Christ was perfect and unfortunately many of us suffer the sin of unrighteous judgement. Understand that Christ atoned for us so He could truly understand our struggles and hardship and that He could help us overcome our sins so like Him we to can become as perfect as He. The process of our progression is not hinged upon our strengths but our imperfections. I do not know the details of your encounters will LDS individuals but please try not to judge the church by its members. I perceive that you are a good person and with a good conscience and a fair understanding. I am not asking you to join the church but inviting you to read the Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Jesus Christ. This book will help you on your journey back to your Father in Heaven with much advantage. This book saved my life and my soul, I want the world to know it as I know it, you especially. I know that Joseph Smith was true to the end. Read the Book of Mormon and you will know the truth.

      With all sincerity,