Meet The Burglars

Victims of burglary and other crimes are increasingly being offered the opportunity to meet the criminals who offended against them, in a controversial scheme aimed at empowering victims and potentially cut levels of re-offending among former prisoners. Panorama reporter Raphael Rowe goes into a jail to witness a tense encounter between two young women and the youth who broke into their home while they slept. Meetings between victims and offenders have proved to be remarkably successful in cutting reoffending and allowing victims to recover far more quickly. The government wants to see more of these restorative justice meetings used in the criminal justice system following all types of crimes. Another victim of a horrific attack reveals to Panorama how her true motive in agreeing to meet her burglar was to get revenge and kill him.

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  1. Since self defense is out of the question get an alarm, strong locks and a dog.