Mega Factories: Bosch

The global economy is currently undergoing the greatest change since the industrial revolution in order to remain internationally competitive modern factories must be as flexible as possible and highly digitized. The smart networking of people machines and industrial processes is the ticket to a new age industry 4.0.

Bosch in Reutlingen is one of the most modern semiconductor factories in Germany. With meticulous care and highly automated the football pitch-sized cleanroom produces around 1 billion micromechanical sensors per year which are used in cars and smartphones. A tremendous amount of effort goes into their production – including particle accelerators and autonomously operating robots.

This is where man meets tech and in the production plants of companies like Bosch, Gira, Seltmann, or Deutz, you’ll find the latest robots, machines, and technologies as well as the people who make all of it possible. From commercial vehicles to semiconductors to everyday objects, Wunder-Werke shows which factories produce them.

Directed by: Ida Roscher , Juri Höhne

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