Megafactories: Toyota Australia

Megafactories reveals the technology and stories behind some of the most innovative factories in the world. After manufacturing vehicles in Australia for 50 years, it’s no surprise Toyota has grown to be Australia’s leading automotive company.

Toyota Australia has just revealed a new state-of-the-art engine plant built to produce AR hybrid engines for local and export markets, one of only five engine plants of its kind. But getting there was no mean feat – and National Geographic Channel was there to capture the journey.

From the drawing board to the open road, witness as a stunning transformation takes place under the hands of skilled technicians, cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmen.

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  1. Judging by the comments I should be happy this is banned in the United States….

  2. The music is so loud that I can’t hear the narration.

  3. What stupid asshead made the sound mixing ? All along de documentary, the voice of the narrator is covered by music too loud; as if what he sais has no importance. Really boring…

  4. Comments : I enjoyed the documentary very much.However, the extremely loud audio tracks were so extremely loud, that the actual narration and speech was extremely difficult to hear.Unless I increased the volume.Though that only served to increase the annoying music tracks. If I wanted MTV I would go to MTV.For documentaries, please, lower the unnecessary music tracks. It was a very interesting film, though I was not able to hear what the narrator was saying. Please, stop the annoying audio tracks once the intro has finished.