Megaship – OOCL Atlanta

Climb aboard the cargo ship OOCL Atlanta as she journeys from Hong Kong to Singapore. How does a minimal crew keep this 1,000ft-long vessel afloat in treacherous seas?

Join a voyage of discovery aboard a Megaship, as she negotiates her way through the difficult and dangerous Singapore and Malacca Straits into the vast South China Seas and beyond.

Follow Captain Roger Llewellyn as he guides the latest in the Megaship fleet, all 134,000 tonnes of the OOCL Atlanta, through pirate infested waters and into the busiest ports in the world.

Discover the mechanics and machinations of life at sea, from the height of the bridge, to the depths of the engine room, to the state of the art computerized navigation system.

And the purpose of it all? On board the captain has precious cargo worth millions of dollars, cleverly loaded in over 8000 containers, which he must deliver to their eager owners, intact and on time.

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