Mein Kampf: The Story of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle), a book filled with hatred, it’s last passage is this fanatical cry “A state that refuses racial contamination will inevitably dominate the world”. This History Channel film explores Adolf Hiter who was born on April the 20th 1889 and who committed suicide on April the 30th 1945 asking questions such as how did this Austrian who seemed to come out of nowhere succeed in conquering Germany? and how did he manage to sow the seeds of such hatred and violence?

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  1. Hitler was Humanities last desperate attempt to free itself from the vile JEW overloads that seek to enslave our planet. The good guys lost. TRUMP is our last chance before Global Jewery exterminates most and subjugates the survivors.

  2. But of course the British Royal air force high command burnt to death 100,000 civilians in a single bombing raid; the advancing drunken soviets driving in their studebaker’s raped nearly every child, girl and woman in sight, and we all know churchill sold out the poles to stalin after bleeding them white during the war.
    Is this all hitler’s fault? It’s easy to blame it on one man who is dead, and everyone else can say they were just following orders.

    • Let’s don’t forget Eisenhower starving out nearly a million Germans, known destructive bombs dropped by USA alone, the continued buddy-system Jewopoly monopolizing nearly every profitable business enterprise on several continents (including media), continued, and exclusive, US/Israeli/NATO international aggression throughout the world, to the point of their now supporting “rebels” fighting against a leader elected democratically by over 80% of the voting population in Syria. Let, as well, any American or EU member tell you about forced integration, and why Hitler may in fact have been right about mingling unfamiliar cultures.

      The prosperity of Germany alone, when Hitler’s policies were in effect, should be enough clue as to the man’s genius, or at least, th soundness of his strategies. Get rid of the banks and the bankers, print your own money, keep the people working, keep the riff-raff out, and you, too, can be a successful state. I see no problem with that.

  3. He did nothing wrong.

  4. This is lame, if you want the truth go check out You watch… You decide…

    • watched the greatest story never told . . . got the impression there’s as much bullst#t in that as the ‘official’ story, however those who don’t think horrendous atrocities were committed by both sides are seriously deluded.

    • Watch out, western media will track you down and run you through the mud for your statement. I really enjoyed Dennis Wise’s documentary though.