MeltUp: The Beginning Of A US Currency Crisis And Hyperinflation

The documentary proves through facts and statistics how hyperinflation in the U.S. is now inevitable and how Americans could soon see the end of entitlement programs they have become dependent on to live and survive.

Meltup features Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Tom Woods, and others. NIA believes Meltup is the most important economic documentary ever produced in world history and a must see for you, your friends, and family members. Please spread the word about the documentary to help those you care about survive the hyper inflationary crisis that is ahead.

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  1. Thanks to the printing of fake money we are seeing the inflation and issues strt. You can’t have 30T of debt and no way to address it.

  2. Going on seven years later, none of the runaway inflation has occurred. No they haven’t fixed the problems and yes the problems are many and serious but the wars go on, oil prices have fluctuated dramatically and the national debt is now damn close to 20 trillion. Still no massive inflation. I guess this “disaster” flick missed something.

  3. Economics facts are interesting but I could do without the right wing agenda tacked on. I stopped watching after 15 mins.

  4. it just makes no sense what so ever, numbers are just too high, and closing up ministries like the ministry of education would only add up to the mess,, it will first add up to the employment secondly it will reduce the educational support to those who benefits from the ministry since education is the heart of all nations development, and of course it will add up panic that will definitely strike the economy more..i just cant watch more this is pretty messed up

  5. Hahaha oh blindman, at least you preface all your arguments with a name like that. It gives you sympathy votes when people realize that you actually may be aware of how ignorant you really are. Have you ever heard of compound interest? It is completely wrong to simply double the number they give you.


  7. You have to love the numbers they use!

    At the 38min mark they state that at the current low interest rates of 2.5% the us has to spend 20 billion for interest payments, should interest rates rise to 5% such as they where in 2007 the US would have to spend 500 billion….

    So…. 20 billion when doubled = 500 billion….

    They give these kinds of very strange and fake numbers all through the movie.

  8. You have to love the numbers they use!

    At the 38min mark they state that at the current low interest rates of 2.5% the us has to spend 20 billion for interest payments, should interest rates rise to 5% such as they where in 2007 the US would have to spend 500 billion….

    So…. 20 billion when doubled = 500 billion….

    They give these kinds of very strange and fake numbers all through the movie.

  9. Is the NIA some kind of right wing lobby group?…doesn’t sound like a genuine organisation to me and especially after watching this !

  10. This is a fairly amateur effort and almost feels like a Tea Party propaganda flick. Tax hikes ARE required. Slashing spending is only half the fix. Hahaha…this is so biased it isn’t funny really.

  11. there are two major machines in operation, one is the propaganda machine and the other is denial

  12. you need to read “Collapse” by Jared Diamond

  13. Get rid of the department of education? 

    Are they going to qualify any of the claims they extrapolate from the statistics or should we just assume that their analysis is correct? I turned it off after 20 minutes. It’s a bit nuts to be honest.

  14. Great but you’re wrong and contradictory on 2 points, 1. you claim regulation hurts business- then say we need a big regulation choosing ma pa over wall street. You’re right, this is a good regulation. So don’ t be afraid to admit some regulation is good. They have brainwashed us into thinking dereg is good, but they only want dereg for them (wall street) when they profit and too big to fail when they don’t. They have regulated ma pa out of business and deregulated themselves into the hell we now live in. So don’t fall for it, some reg. is good.

    2. Why didn’t you discuss taxing the people that got us in this mess. Fortune 500 need to be taxed, now. Don’t put up with the “oh, we can’t compete” bullshit. We used to tax big money and mandate reinvestment- reinvestment at home. It gave us the best years of our lives. You wonder where the wealth went? They are record profitable, record my friend. You heard me- record profits in 2011. Cognizant Dissonance.

    Have vision, imagine a world and not just america living locally. Good Job and good luck waking them up.

  15. Lolz…those of you who think this is right wing or republican propaganda give them way too much credit. If any of them did anything to reduce the size of government I might actually vote for them.

  16. U have to be careful, if u feed this to ur mind ! shows like this only cause people to think there is less then enough in the earth; if u think that way , there will be less then enough in ur life .. This is way they put shows like these together they know “As a man thinks, so is he!”

  17. Old wicked white men have caused all this. just like Satan they kill, steal, and destroy because of their greed and no respect for human life.but after 2012 their time is up.. they will witness their own failures..Good shall prevail! This is GODS creation, We just need time to rid the earth of these greedy bad apples.. Their mad with God’s creation because of their lil penises!!! Heaven is on earth.. however they do not want people to know this

  18. What kind of horrible right-wing extremist bullshit is this? This has no place on a documentary site, except if it were clearly labeled as propaganda.

    • omg cant believe u guys thinking its republican or right wing ect. I give u a clue STOP thinking politically which side is wrong because u know what? both side spent up big, read your old newspaper, look up the facts date back 2 or 3 administrations, CAN’T YOU SEE THE TREND? for me this doc not taking any side politically, rather its trying to warning average folks in the country another side of reality that is real and not mainstream which is manipulated by the big boys. People already forgotten those guys who warned the world about the GFC months before it happen and they were laugh at by 80% of the world? well no one is laughing now is there. Come on people open up your mind you don’t have to think everything here is right but i’m pretty sure half if not more of whats in this doc are facts and some is happening right now. Well only one way to find out wait and see it shouldnt be too long…by then it would already be too late…

  19. This is just a bunch of republican crap ! The NIA totally missed the point that ever Ron Paul understand. Federal expenditure is not bad per se, the problems are the where that money is expend, what the impacts of that expenditure are to alleviate the crisis and how sustainable that expense really is !!!

    • breath of fresh air- I hope you teach.

    • your viewing of things like this in a political and not historical light is what is crap. In fact, it is the just such partisan attitudes like yours that has put our great country in the mess it is in. Picking a side of the political aisle and blaming the other just perpetuates sensationalist government and hampers true debate and resolution that could turn things around.

  20. If you like Foxnews you will love this!

  21. Try downloadhelper. Its a plugin for FireFox.

  22. anyone know where i can download this to my PC? thanks, very good stuff!

  23. I truly recommend this documentary not only because it shows the true reality that we are facing now but also because it could help us to prevent a looming catastrophe.