The Men of the Fifth World

The aboriginal culture of Australia included a large number of tribes that inhabited the oceanic continent before the arrival of the white man. But is all that rich culture doomed? Are Australian aborigines destined to become extinct?

In this documentary one of the elders that preserve aboriginal culture will show the most important elements of a culture that struggles not to disappear.

We learn about the aboriginal rituals in which they contact the parallel world in which the gods, spirits and men live together. We learn the role of the digeridu, a musical instrument employed in these rituals. See how it is manufactured by the aboriginal musicians themselves, who will address the complex technique used to make it sound.

The cave paintings of Ubi Rock opened the door showing the spirituality of these villages that are sacred totems direct reference the natural world around them. Analyze the paintings today continue to make to represent their dreams and the importance of this painting.

Participate with them in making the famous boomerang and the banquet to which fishing leads a giant turtle. But the aboriginal community also show us the bitter side of life: the reserves in which its people seem destined to a slow extinction.

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  1. When is the documentary from?

  2. Please….I am honored to be the first to write a truly respectful and appreciative comment re the content of this video. The criticisms and prejudice in the previous comments are very disturbing to me as a white Canadian. They are obviously written by very prejudiced white people. For all I know …they may all be written by white descendants of British criminals whom were forced on the Aboriginal people of Australia….I won’teven comment on those other shameful disrespectful comments as they are not worthy of such. .I have made many notes during this Doc as the delivery was of a very spiritual nature and truly touched my heart. So many today do not appreciate nor respect the ancient teaching of the Aboriginal people of North America /South America/Mexico/Australia etc…Money ,prejudice and domination over others seems to be the mantra of modern society. This is why I respect profoundly your need to teach your young your history …and inspire an understanding and pride for that history. Please dont let that fade away. This is very meaningful to me that you are still valuing your history. I am a white Caucasian of Irish decent now living in Canada .15 yrs ago I entered a Jamaican book store here in Toronto Canada…as I am a person very interested in the history of all cultures .The Jamaican in that store was the first to ever inform my history as an Irish person wasthat I was previously African. I was amazed . He was highly intelligent and truly changed my perspective of my history. He inspired me to search deeper for understanding. yet he did initially say ” I’m going to tell you something real you wont like”…he was wrong …..he inspired me positively. Through national I now have a copy of “The Tree of Life” (a DVD) which convinces me of my African heritage. So Amazing this is. Now in respect to your video…..I really dont know how to express my sincere opinions briefly. I will try. You speak of the “Rainbow Serpent”. Very interesting since most see fear in encountering a serpent . I am going to Peru in 3 months to experience the Ayahuasca drug made of a vine. I will experience a truly spiritual event …with a true Peruvian Shaman Priest who willguide me through my spiritual experience. A gift in that hallucinogenic experience is to see a “Serpent”. …..So many cultures claim to be the primary most important cultures (dominance based no doubt). Generally based on religious books and money based religious followings . The spiritual connections with nature you have shown me here in this video re the Aboriginal people of Australia … truly the “natural order of things as it was always meant to be”. I adored this video. You have showed me the cultural beleifs,spiritual beleifs , and 50000 yr history of the Aboriginal people of Australia in a way I was never informed of before. Thank you. I have watched other docs re Australia…how the Australian Aboriginal Soccer (Football) team was the best in the world …yet got screwed etc..I have watched many sad videos re the lack of respect for the Australian Aboriginals. Yet keep in mind …and this is a statement from a white North American….the USA /Australia/ UK/ Canada are all in bed together re their concept of how the world should be , and who deserves what . The leaders of all these countries are in collusion to portray whites as intellectually superior . I am white and it embarrasses me to be included in this portrayal. You Indigenous people of Australia have a 50000 yr history of understanding our true connection with nature….and it would be very sad if you were to give up on influencing modern society to listen to you. Indigenous people like you are (in my opinion) the saviors of the troubled modern world . I was deeply touched by this video. Thank You Fergus Elliott Toronto canada

  3. Sorry Adolf….we don’t have our eugenics lab up yet in Australia..just keep your genes pure and our time will come again……heil!

  4. Australian Aborigines do not starve and they have access to Western public schools, and yet they have median IQ (intelligence quotient) of 62 and incredibly high crime rate. Their dismal IQ can be explained by their unique genes, their small brains, their very long isolation from global gene pool, and their tribal taboos against the marriage with people outside the tribe. The Aborigines are permanently unemployable because it takes the IQ of about 75 to be competent fast food restaurant worker.

  5. Couldn’t watch this as the voice over is so bad!! Shame as it looked interesting but he sounds like a fool!

  6. I can’t handle the ridiculously fake accent.

  7. Riveting piece. Never saw anything so aposite treating on native antipodeans. But odd to hear the protagonist refer it to ‘his’ land where it’s more likely, one finds, his people were born of a wave of immigration from south asia. That’s the trouble with being white — you got all these DNA testing technologies, dang. Voiceover by Anthony Luke — work of art, plus the soundtrack — clanging distortion where a milkier soul would have washed our ears with the usual pap casio ‘ethnic’ presets —- although funny lapse of quality at the end where you hear the (same?) guitarist totally run out of echoey puff. See this before you get the old .. ‘this video does not exist’ 😉