Meningitis: Search For A Cure

Meningitis: Search For A Cure examines the very serious meningococcal bacteria which if it enters the human blood stream can kill within hours. Over the last ten years new research has unraveled some of its complexities but the virility of this bacteria makes it a tough challenge to tackle.

Here we follow some of the scientists and doctors at St Mary’s Hospital in London, who are working very hard to develop new techniques to combat this disease whilst constantly competing against the clock to save lives. The bacteria itself is the cause of two diseases and is responsible for thousands of deaths yearly. It is every parents worst nightmare, with its rapid spread one minute your child can seem fine and the next they are in intensive care, if you’re lucky, fighting for their lives.

The main focus in search for a vaccine are the survivors of the disease as many have developed immunity to different strains and researchers believe in them lies the key to a universal vaccine being created.

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