Meth and Madness In Mexico

All over the world hundreds of thousands of people are fighting a hidden war, the outcome of which could affect us all, its the war against drugs. Despite a world wide crackdown drug use continues to rise, so BBC reporter Stacey Dooley is travelling across three continents to investigate the newest drugs on the market, asking questions such as, who is really behind the narcotic trades and what are the authorities doing to stamp it out? In South Africa Dooley discovers a stronger strain of Cannabis being smuggled into Britain and in Cambodia she goes on the trail of the production of Ecstasy, whilst also traveling to meet the largest producer of Crystal Meth in Mexico, witnessing first hand the most dangerous and terrifying war on drugs, where the brutal cartels are murdering the innocent and have more power than the police force itself.

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  1. yes only dark people do drugs, what a heap of propagandist shit

  2. go away stacey f-in dooley