Michael Jackson: What The Maid Saw

It’s been 10 years since the superstar Michael Jackson died but he continues to make headlines, although the headlines these days are less about him being ‘King of Pop’ and more about his inappropriate behaviour towards children, with persistent claims that the eccentric megastar was a child abuser.

His latest accuser is Adrian McManus, a woman who knew the stars private life all too well. For four years she was his personal maid at the Neverland Ranch and in this episode of 60 Minutes Austrailia for the first time she speaks on what she saw whilst working for him.

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  1. Jesus wept.
    He was a vile, insane, child rapist. Along the lines of the British Jimmy Saville.
    Stop making excuses for this sick evil predator. He was scum. Get over it, He fooled a lot of people at the time but now everyone knows how evil he was.