Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror

In December 1993, Michael Jackson was forced to face his toughest audience yet, the DA and cops from the L.A.P.D. who were now investigating allegations of child abuse. The police were collecting evidence to corroborate the story of Michaels accusers. How was it that the king of pop got to this?

Physically abused by a violent father, living his young life in the very grown up music business and trapped by his childhood success, these factors played huge roles in defining Michaels difficulties adapting to the adult world once he himself had grown up.

Michael remained childlike for his entire life, seeing himself as more of a Peter Pan sort of character who never really grew up. Eventually allegations of child molestation would follow suit.

This is the story of an artist who was lit up with talent but unable to make the transition from boy into man. He was a pop genius selling over 750 million albums, charting 21 number 1 U.S. and U.K. hits and earning over 1 billion dollars but his gift was also his curse. Unprepared for the trappings of mega fame and success he lost sense of where MJ the popstar began and where MJ the person ended.

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