Michaella, Peru and the Drugs Run

Last June a young Tyrone women left Ireland looking for adventure. Twenty year old Michaella Mccollum had never been on a plane before she flew out to Ibiza, she was a promotions girl who told her family she was going to work as a dancer but after 5 weeks on the party island she disappeared. Michaella turned up 6000 miles away alongside a young Scottish women her family had never heard of before, both had been accused of being drug mules. Michaella now faces serving 6 years in jail and has become the poster girl for everything associated with 21st century drugs culture. This is her story.

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  1. Not sorry for the girls either. They knew exactly what she was doing and this is the consequences of their actions. Michaella’s sister is in BIG time denial, perhaps her mom too. They are lucky that times have changed because the girls could have gotten clubbed on thier feet like the guy in the movie #MidnightExpress. Why is it that she only received 6yrs vs a longer term like the guy said others had for doing way less? International politics?

  2. I don’t feel sorry for these two girls,but I do feel sorry for the girls’ mother. Having to go through the stress of this happening to her daughter,flying over there,having to pay a several thousand pound fine. Why don’t people learn? Don’t they read or hear about other smugglers who have been caught?

    • Maybe – but they also hear about the vast majority who never get caught and make a lot of easy money. The drugs cartels just love the ‘war on drugs’. They dread them being legalised. It would wipe out 40% of organised crime overnight.

  3. “mummy I was kidnapped’ yeah even lying to your loved ones. nah.

  4. I hate this place & people already… yeah lima is shit…. next thing they know, they’ll be spending the best years of their lives in that same place they belittled… Poetic justice .

  5. She should have left the drug running to the CIA.

  6. Her sister doesn’t seem to realise how serious and bad the crime is. Yes support her but at least with a bit of understanding of what an arsehole her sister is. Trying to put on a brave show for her sis but coming across as an ignorant dick.

  7. This was annoying. Although my heart goes out to the families, I don’t think this should have been turned into anything more than a news brief. Two young women threw a good portion of their lives away for the promise of money. How stupid do you have to be to think you can get on a plane with an est. $1.5 million dollars in Cocaine? This girls parents paid her 300,000 euro fine? That’s $400, 000. Jesus, what a burden she is.

  8. Really good watch. I enjoyed it but i felt like the docu was trying to make you feel sorry for that idiot

    • No, it came off more as a Public Service Announcement to people in Europe.
      “This is what will happen to you!” sorta stuff.

  9. Not very newsworthy. So what, I guess…