Mike Tyson: Beyond the glory

Who is this famous boxer who one the title in the WBC, WBA and IBF? Mike Tyson was once the most famous and successful boxer in the world. Mike was the youngest man ever to win a world heavyweight title at just 20 years old.  but his life was not allways easy.

This Mike Tyson biography shows the becoming of the fighting machine Mike Tyson until the downfall of his carreer and personal life. In 1992, Tyson was convicted of raping Desiree Washington, for which he served three years in prison. Tyson declared bankruptcy in 2003, despite receiving over US$30 million for several of his fights and $300 million during his career. Mike Tyson retired from competitive boxing in 2005 after two consecutive knockout losses to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride.

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  1. Mike Tyson, best ever

  2. Super awesome knockouts by tyson

  3. Some people say that robin givens was a gold digger. Just because she looked like a gold digger doesn’t mean she was one. She probably had a deep attraction to mike Tyson even if not love. She married him even after he hit her. But naturally she would want to know where the money was.

  4. Mike said he doesn’t like his life, but he had a tough life and was abused and consequently abused others. But he has to overcome somehow. From the dust is where legends are made. And he has become a legend.

  5. “you had a spark when you started but, now you just garbage” Jay-z

  6. Everyone has feelings.. =) 

  7. Mike Tyson the ultimate paradox – a true Lion in the ring yet corrupted through his mental fragility

  8. Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers who ever lived, his downfall came with drugs, he was also one of Tupacs closest friends.

    • shut the fuck up . Tyson was shit . During his time there were no great fighters , retired boxers etc. He was the prime example of easy going when there is nothing worth fighting

  9. The documentary started out as insightful, revelatory, moving, well-informed, and partial…but towards the end I feel they failed to to produce a well balanced portrayal review. Lazy ending salacious quasi-journalism. Once again Mike is a victim, this time it’s Fox Entertainment that’s pulling the strings, not Don King.