Million Dollar Traders

Million Dollar Traders follows a group of twelve wannabe traders dealing in shares during the events of the financial crisis of 2007-2009 which was then whittled down to the final eight. The contestants came from various backgrounds, including a fight promoter, a day trader, an IT/banking recruitment consultant, a working mother, a retired IT engineer and a student, among others. During the series hedge fund manager Lex van Dam gave the contestants £1 million of his own money to trade for 2 months. Professional trader Anton Kreil, was appointed as the manager of the group.

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  1. What was telling was that the left-winger environmentalist knows that he was a loser going in. He knew he wasn’t going to be good at it.

    I firmly believe there are natural born losers that come to grips they will never succeed in a capitalist society. They substitute that harsh feeling of their own brutal honesty by clinging to the hope of a socialist state one day. Obviously most left-wingers don’t feel this way or for that matter aren’t productive citizens but this documentary has convinced me there is a good chunnk of left-wingers that do feel this way.