The Mind’s Big Bang

In this National Geographic documentary, narrated by Liam Nelson, we see archaeologist, Randy White crawl deep into the caves beneath the hills of France, in search for a special moment in human evolution. An era cloaked in mystery, when with hardly a change in appearance humans began behaving in a way they had never behaved before. White wants to find out how it was that our ancestors became truly human.

It’s possible Randy White could one day make a discover as startling as that made back in 1994, when others found underground caverns, filled with over 300 images, some of which were painted 34,000 years ago, the oldest rock art known. Finding art however is not the only goal, White wants to find something bigger, how the human mind was born.

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  1. Narrated by “Liam Nelson” ROFLMAO! No doubt a descendant of the famous British Admiral….