Mining the Moon for Helium

After 45 years it would look as though we are planning on going back to the moon, across the world science are gearing up for whats being called the second moon race. Behind it lies a prize which some believe could change the world, it is believed that the moon contains a new source of energy that could potentially provide the earth with unlimited amounts of energy for hundreds of years to come, replacing all other forms of power.

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  2. OK, I ‘fess-up to writing a ‘gay’ comment here lately. Not my proudest moment. Still, at least it was an attention I seeker I called gay, and I wasnt, or at least meant no disrespect to homosexuals. In fact I at least one practising homosexual mate who would laugh in the context. So. My long-winded point is, those blokes , no matter how insensible or blackout drunk I get will not garner that point.

  3. If we do that, we would ruin the moon, which will result by destroying the world. If we wouldn’t have a moon, life wouldn’t be possible on earth. Dismanteling the moon (Yes, we all know how greedy the human is) would be catastrophic.

    • Good point. All respect to the astronauts, and wow, you just added to my gut reaction of repulsion at the ‘energy for hundreds of years’ bit. Although I am that much of a hippie I think we should conserve energy to reduce the entropy of the universe. Thank you for being someone who has a brain. Mine has to search for inspiration, and usually the comments on the net are pretty fucking barren for inspiration.