Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome

A decade ago, scientists announced that they had produced the first draft of the human genome, the 3.6 billion letters of our genetic code.
It was seen as one of the greatest scientific achievements of our age, a breakthrough that would usher in a new age of medicine. A decade later, Horizon finds out how close we are to developing the life-changing treatments that were hoped for.
Horizon follows three people, each with a genetic disease, as they go behind the scenes at some of Britain’s leading research labs to find out what the sequencing of the human genome has done for them – and the hope this remarkable project offers all of us.

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  3. Sam and Verntheman: Eugenics? There we go. Lets go back to sterilizing the ugly people.

  4. @5db385806392160227b3e0f93872bfb7:disqus simple, you don’t. You adopt, too many people on this earth, we need to start helping the born who need help instead of creating our own. 

  5. How can you have kids when you know they are likely to develope breast cancer?