Missing: Flight MH370 One Year On

March 2014, an airliner with 239 passengers and crew on board simply vanishes off the face of the earth without a trace and a year later it is even more certain that it was a unique event, in the sense that we have never seen anything like it before since the invention of flight. A year on and the agony for the families of those that where on board still goes on, with no bodies there can be no burials, this and the fact that the world wants answers is what motivates those in search to keep it up. This film gets in touch with world aviation experts to discuss the continuing search and the latest theories on what exactly happened Saturday March 8th, 2014.

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  1. Where can I download MH370

  2. Where can a download it

  3. On this subject, they keep saying, “that we have never seen anything like it before ……….”. In terms of what? I say au contraire! The Stardust flight of 1947, disappeared for 50 years, without a trace. Granted there were not near as many people on that airplane as on the subject plane, but it mysteriously disappeared after leaving a cryptic last transmission of “S.T.E.N.D.E.C.”.

    I don’t want to give too much away, in case you have not seen the documentary. In which case, I implore you to check it out. It will blow your mind as to what actually happened. No, not some alien controversy, or made up paranormal crap. As the story spans 50+ years, the mystery is eventually solved and ends up being totally logical once the evidence is uncovered!

  4. I am not passing judgment on the description but the disappearances on Wesley Hutchings’ wikipedia list took place before they had the tools and technology needed to help locate them.


    Not as uncommon as the description seems to want to paint it as.