Mitt Romney & the 47%

This is the first episode in the Leveraged Information web series..In this episode we hit the streets of Atlanta to discuss Mitt Romney’s latest comments on 47% of American’s being content with being on government subsidies.

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  1. this is the worst bullshit I have ever seen.

  2. I think these guys will make good documentaries in the future but right now they are kind of green. The interviewer doesn’t know enough about the subject to interview very thoroughly but she’s still a great presence and has loads of potential. Also, don’t know why we needed a third of the video to be that photographer guy mouthing off. It’s not all about you, buddy. I wouldn’t recommend this video to anyone but I look forward to their work in the future.

    • Appreciate the constructive criticism…We literally did this on the fly..Didn’t plan it or anything..Just took our cameras and mics and started shooting..We definitely plan on getting better at it in the future..I appreciate Documentary Heaven for posting it..Everyone stay tuned!!

  3. This is laughable. This girl goes out in the middle of the day – a time when most working people aren’t out wandering the streets or loitering behind buildings while sipping their Starbucks smoothies – and asks a handful of people who plainly know where to score some good weed, how THEY feel about Romney’s “47%” statement… These people could barely form a sentence. How are we supposed to take their opinions seriously?

  4. shes so fucking hot <3

  5. I’m pretty sure this dude doesn’t accept the overwhelming evidence to support evolution, and also rejects the happiness of gay folks? Perhaps he would’ve voted to presidency in the 1400’s?

    • If you drink tea you’ll find there is no tolerance but your own. i.e. get phucked the rest of the world (aka as regarded by the tea party as the rest of america) – we believe the earth is only 10k years old (!!!!!); raped females can magically destroy ‘wrong’ rapes. I mean., what (?) plus Darwin was ignorant compared to stories of some dude that partied the seas. LOL. is this 2012, or 1512 when I could call you a witch and you be drowned or burned upon my say so? America is phucked; if this lizard-believing-hardcore-nutjob even gets close to power I’ll be taking up a religion (maybe Thor, or Ra?) purely on ironic principle . Step forward (slowly!); not back by hundreds of years (the ‘rest’ of the world begs you).