Mobius Shorts

Mobius Studio is an Irish based film studio that specialises in Film Production, Music Videos, Commercial Videos, Sound Recording and Graphic Design. Here are two shorts they recently put together. Being Irish myself I found them to be very interesting so I thought I’d share them with the rest of you. For more information on Mobius check out their facebook page:

Turning The Tables:

Turning the Tables is a short documentary film that looks into the house and techno scene in Waterford over the past 20 years. Through it’s ups and downs Waterford has managed to not only maintain a house and techno scene but has built a scene that is known worldwide.

Directed by: Mark Fitzsimons –


A short Documentary about Artist & Filmmaker Paul Bolger who has a passion for his craft and the stories of our past.

Directed & Produced by Sam Miles

Cinematography by Alex and Mook Vignes

Music by Paul Theobald – “Fractals”

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  1. ha ha! WATERFORD for music?! give me a break!

  2. want to see that movie !!