Modern Marvels: Apollo 13

A chronicle of the Apollo 13 flight in 1970, which almost ended in disaster when a liquid-oxygen tank ruptured, stranding the crew in space.

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  1. Apollo 13 is another example of the skill of engineers. No machine is perfect, they all fail at some point. The true test of skill and intelligence is dealing with the problem successfully.

  2. Now you might think it sounds goofy,
    But the man in the moon is a Newfie.
    And he’s sailing off to glory…
    Away in a golden dorey….Stompin’ Tom Connor (Canadian singer/songwriter)
    I think that if man was destined to be on the moon, he would have to be born there and he’d be kind’ve special in order to live there…kind’ve like the way they are in Newfoundland…Actually, the story about Apollo 13 is a great tale of bravery and adaptability, with a lot of courage thrown. Again, the engineers, who always think they’re so smart are the ones who screwed up. A wise man once said…engineers don’t make mistakes…they make revisions!…Let’s just leave the Moon alone, and try and clean up the mess that we’ve made of the Earth first!

  3. God I hate American “documentaries”

  4. they never went to the moon

  5. Mankind sure does lots of crazy things, consumes massive amounts of resources and takes enormous risks in order to feed its hunger for knowledge. My simple question is: how has exploration of space made people happier?

  6. @coleman…I would have had the sense of getting back alive with calm…..and it would’ve remained with me until I made it. You do what you can to survive, and you don’t freak out…..not even until death stares you in the face. Instead, you meet it with courage. And then you know, that all you’ve done to get that far was the substance of what you were made of. I respect you all the same! You can do do too, it’s all in the mind, brother!

  7. These guys have balls of steel. If I’d been up there, all you’d hear on the recordings would be something that sounded like a woman screaming in the background haha