Modern Marvels: Carbon

All life forms, including us, are built upon atoms of carbon. But modern technology is also built on a foundation of carbon.

Modern Marvels: Carbon explores how such a simple element burns hotter, cuts deeper, dies harder, insulates more thoroughly, and absorbs more fully than any other material.

From diamonds to coal, carbon fiber race cars to graphite pencils, you’ll see why carbon is not just the stuff of life, but the key to modern technology.

You’ll also learn why “activated carbon” is the material of choice for absorbing everything from toxic heavy metals in your drinking water to funky odors in your shoes.

And you’ll see how NASA is using carbon aerogel, the lightest, most insulating substance in the world, to search for clues about-you guessed it-carbon-based life forms.

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  1. Good doc however its very dated, about 15 years ago. There are ads that pop up during the show and the video is reversed which makes reading the screen hard. There is also the climate change nod and cheers for ethanol fuel which is one sided.

  2. CANT Watch the show:( help

  3. awesome doco

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