Mods, Rockers and Bank Holiday Mayhem

In this film we are taken on a trip back to the days when ‘style wars’ were indeed just that, fights breaking out over which clothes were being worn. Spring of 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the bank holiday ‘battle of the beaches’, these so called battles were the result of hundreds of mods and rockers flooding seaside resorts all along the coast of Britain on scooters and motorbikes in search for thrills and spills.

BBC’s documentary series Timeshift tells the story of how this led to violence, arrests and widespread concern in regards to the British youth of the time. As it turns out mods and rockers had a lot more in common than they first imagined, they were the first generation of baby boomers to reach their teenage years at a time when greater prosperity and wider freedoms were transforming what it meant to be young.

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  1. This documentary was missing a big piece. Who influenced fashion, etc, more than the Beatles? I wonder why they were left out. Brian Epstein taught them how to dress and present themselves. The Beatles created fashion. It seems a deliberate thing to omit them.