Modulations: Cinema For The Ear

We are not entertainers, we are sound scientists – Kraftwerk

From the makers of Synthetic Pleasures, comes the film Modulations, a
feature-length documentary which captures a moment in history where
humans and machines are fusing
to create today’s most exciting sounds.

Modulations traces the evolution of electronic music as one of the
most profound artistic developments of the 20th century. By cutting
back and forth between avant garde composers, Kraftwerk’s innovative
synthesizer drones, Giorgio Moroder’s glacial Euro-disco, Afrika
Bambaataa’s electro-funk and Prodigy’s current worldwide
superstarstardom, Modulations celebrates, replicates and illuminates
the nomadic drift of the post-human techno sound.

The film examines the kids who have turned the turntable into a
musical instrument, disillusioned disco lovers who created acid house
out of primitive synthesizers, Motor City mavericks who saw the drum
machine as their escape route out of urban neglect, and a generation
of British youth who transformed these blips and bleeps into
dancefloor anthems of their own alienation.

Modulations provides a sense of history and context in which today’s

electronic music can be understood. It entertains the converted and

remixes the mindset of electronica’s nay-sayers.

Featuring a stunning collage of interviews, cutting-edge visuals,
in-studio footage and live performances, Modulations moves at a pace
that matches the energy and innovation of the music.


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  1. video private? i thought it was free?

  2. some real interesting stuff here, obviously a watershed period for electronic fans and musicians – “when do we give up our human-ness and accept the machines” i can’t imagine anybody saying this in 2011 cus we seem to have realised that machines are just another instrument to manipulate

  3. And then came dub step.

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