Money and Life

We are currently living in a society where money has become the main objective for everything we can think of. The average person focuses more on bringing home a pay check than living life itself, doing things in which they hate, things that drain them in order to sustain an income. Life would obviously be terribly difficult without a source of income as bills will always haunt us and food needs to be bought, but why is this so? and why do we have to become so consumed with the concept of earning money that it can ruin our relationships with one another?

This documentary takes a look at what is overlooked when teaching society about money and offers a new paradigm demonstrating how truly linked we all are to one another.

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  1. complain about money.. then moan about water being wet. all the talking heads here — grey bobs, mainly and especially the one, te he.. talking about, erm, “..losing everything..” are fairly clearly not spouting their sewage, oops i mean newage from the ranks of the poor — who frankly don’t care as long as they have enough greenery to get pissed or stoned. another wet noodle doc helping fill the digital ether — maybe better try and get a job on TED

    • How a documentary exploring ways of creating a more just world can be met with such negativity and nastiness (insulting the financially poor), manifests the diversity of intelligence and compassion among human natures.

  2. The only people I believe who would be surprised by anything in this film would be your average capitalist, and most certainly phony libertarian.

  3. it’s not just money… Money has become a catalyzer and an expression of our human-desensitized society which is struggling through a multitude transitions. I think it’s important to remember that it is easy to criticize, the real challenge is to turn critical thinking into constructive action and it’s encouraging to see that slowly people are becoming aware of this.
    Happiness isn’t everything, but understanding what truly makes us happy as individuals, as communities and as the world can help give us a direction. All I can say is, it’s definitely not (per se) money.

  4. this is kinda dumb movie, money is just a tool to exchange goods, there is too much hidden religion subtext in this movie

    • Everybody has the right to express their opinion. I happen to disagree with yours. You find this documentary dumb while on the contrary I find it to be not only informative but also intelligently directed to present a complex topic simply.

  5. soon to be dead, they will throw it into the streets along with the gold and silver. food will have the only value…

  6. “Never before in history has money taken such centre-stage”

    Deluded much?