Monster In The Mind

CNN veteran reporter Jean Carper is now 83 years old and finds herself at high risk for getting Alzheimer’s disease. In this film we see her embark on a journey to discover all there is to know about Alzheimer’s, speaking with experts in the area she attempts to do all she can to avoid what once was simply known senility.

Early in her career Carper found herself playing a role in the “propaganda machinery” that sold Alzheimer’s to the public, having made a documentary on the subject some 30 years prior. In makes for some interesting viewing as we see how at the time scientists felt that within a decade they will have cured the disease.

Now Carper explores how the tone has changed with the disease being shrouded in mystery and branded by health care professionals as an impending doom. Stitching imagery from old horror films together with her own experiences of high tech testing Carper comically illustrates a societal fear reminiscent of the world’s most sensational science fiction.

The conclusion however is a surprising and uplifting vision that can help us to save ourselves from the impending doom.

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  1. it’s fluoride don’t drink your tap water!!

  2. 2016 doc