Monsters, Madness and Mayhem

This set features five documentaries on monsters, witches, and other strange phenomena.

Titles include Witches, Devil, Creatures, Halloween and Superstition which attempts to trace the origins of the darkest of all holidays.

Witches, demons, werewolves, superstitions and the history of Halloween are all covered in this examination of the supernatural.

Since the very dawn of human consciousness, mankind has been wracked by fear.

Fear of the enemy, fear of the powerful forces of nature, fear of everything that cannot be simply explained.


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  1. Great attack piece on religion. Bravo!!!!

  2. LOL witches are the ‘terrorists’ of ancient time.

  3. im enjoying this documentary, but how cheesy is this host? lol

  4. The documentary on creatures seemed to glaze over some legitimate health disorders, outside of the mental disorders, that are also, historically, causes for the belief in vampires werewolves ect. This documentary also puts a very biased spin on whether these creatures exist or not, it muddles the facts quite a bit…

  5. Video (Monsters, Madness and Mayhem) is not working. It wont play.