Montana Meth

Montana Meth paints a broad, harrowing picture of the meth problem in Montana, which ranks second in the nation for teenage and adult abuse of the drug.

The filmmaker speaks with several addicts and recovering addicts including 16-year-old Graham, a former straight-A student and athlete reduced to a shifty-eyed dropout after one year of using meth; 22-year-old Crystal, whose life has fallen apart in the three years she has used the drug and 21-year-old Rhianna, who traded “hard sex” for meth before she stopped using a year ago. Click here to read more about the expert reviews at for all players from German-speaking countries.

Prominently featured is a member of the Chippewa Cree tribe known as “Weasel,” a meth user for half of his 22 years who lives with his addict father and whose girlfriend had her two children taken away because of meth use.

The cheapness and availability of meth – which one Montana tribal leader describes as an epidemic – is taking a huge toll on the local Native American population.

Montana Meth explores the physical and psychological damage caused by this particularly vicious drug, whose effects range from tooth decay and skin lesions to brain damage and death. It also shows law enforcement and the justice system’s efforts to grapple with the magnitude of the problem.

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  3. Does anyone know how I could talk to crystal? I am only looking to talk to her for advice/.etc

  4. Thank you for another magnificent post. Where else could anyone get that type of info in such an ideal manner of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am at the search for such information.

  5. Why does everyone in the show except for the native Americans have big beautiful  blue eyes? Does this WW2 Nazi soldier drug have more power over blueyed blondes?

  6. here’s my 2 cents 
    life is hard. thers different types, degrees of ups and downs
    some vary from human to human
    im down at the moment :o( have court issues with an ex over my daughter
    im sure id do these drugs if i cud get my mits on them :o(
    i know people have gone threw a lot worse than this, and my heart goes out to them
    so in my opinion it’s availability

  7. Great documentary! also great promotion for montana, looks like an awesome place


  9. I have been trying to find an update on this. Would like to know how the people are now, four years later. I found that Graham (the 15 year old at the time) is in some type of rehab just now and is clean. Can’t find anything about the others. Anyone here know?

  10. Very good documentary, thanks.

  11. Nothing to say about the matter.It’s easy to judge from the comfort of our couch! It’s a sad sad situation.Other than that..,Crystal (the person,not meth:) is beautifull..! I wish all this people well. 

  12. Nothing to say about the matter.It’s easy to judge from the comfort of our couch! It’s a sad sad situation.Other than that..,Crystal (the person,not meth:) is beautifull..! I wish all this people well. 

  13. ive try meth it was a war in my head just to stop my self form leaving the house for help and ive one   high amounts of acid and coke it was madness

  14. Lol you guys “searching for 20 mins” for this movie suck :p I found it with the very awesome google search “montana meth” in 2 minutes

    Btw, 90% of it is a load of propaganda and bullshit. Of course meth destroys life, but you wont get a heart attack from first use… Just one example. There are better documentaries, this can’t even be called a documentary as far as I’m concerned. More like a propaentrary.

  15. Why post this when the documentary doesn’t exist?

  16. Apparently, no embeddable videos are selected for this player. Does anyone know where I can watch this? I really would like to see it and I’ve been searching for it for the last 20 minutes.

  17. Doesn’t work it’s broken, where can I watch this?

  18. Matter of fact if there was no one useing the drugs who in the hell would the dealers have to sell it to?

  19. drug use is a crime simple as that and it should be punished as such most drugies do other things to get the drugs they need so bad not to mention leave kids on there parents and grand parents or the system to be responcible for etc etc it goes on and on…

    • Yu really put that in a square box didnt cha?…….smug grandma,reeeeal smug.

    • Yu really put that in a square box didnt cha?…….smug grandma,reeeeal smug.

    • Yu really put that in a square box didnt cha?…….smug grandma,reeeeal smug.

    •  Heroin, Morphine, Codeine, Cocaine and Amphetamines were all legally available in the US at one point, there was one distributor.. famous.. well, anyway, this huge cover-all store franchise actually sold a package which contained a syringe, 2 needles and 2 vials of Heroin. The idea was to get people hooked on it, then make it illegal to force prices up and then import it themselves either directly (CIA – funded Iran-Contra via Cocaine trafficking) or employing various people and giving them help and protection to be the main distributors in the US.
       Also, look at what happened when alcohol was made illegal. Organised crime, deaths due to fighting between the owners of the stills or overdosing on alcohol because as it was moonshine, the strength was hard to tell. Once it was made legal again the organised crime syndicates fell apart and all was well. If they legalised drugs today and it was sold , taxed and restricted to those who could use it and who couldn’t as any other drug (ie tobacco+alcohol), the MASSIVE drug cartels of today (governments didn’t see that coming) would fold instantly, therefore all drug+crime related deaths would cease, there would be far less overdosing due to controls and measures again as we now have with alcohol and if people were educated on these things they could make their own choices because legal or illegal, people always have and always will be able to obtain any drug they require pretty much whenever they require. The benefits of legalising drugs are huge, for revenue, for health and safety, for reducing crime numbers by 70%, the negatives? Well, given my previous statement, it’s a case of legalise it and control it, or make it illegal, have no control, many die and many are imprisoned, and either way people would put into their bodies what they wanted to.
       One more thing. Studies have shown that decriminalising drugs actually REDUCES drug use dramatically. Those living in Amsterdam smoke less weed than almost anywhere else in Europe, and in Portugal they decriminalised all drugs that were for personal use and developed harm reduction schemes. Result? Overdose deaths are down over 90% since any user can get naloxone (opiate blocker) for free, the distribution of clean needles has reduced the amount of new HIV cases by an unbelievable 99% AND most important of all, the amount of new addicts has decreased heavily.
       I wonder, with this new information and new facts (which you can go ahead and check for yourself) that you obviously didn’t know before, does this change your mind, slightly? I’d like to know your opinion.


  20. drug use is a crime simple as that and it should be punished as such most drugies do other things to get the drugs they need so bad not to mention leave kids on there parents and grand parents or the system to be responcible for etc etc it goes on and on…

  21. I say up until someone starts robbing or shooting or pimping, they are punished enough for their addiction by their addiction. It was sad to see the words “convicted addict” underneath a now-felon’s name. Good luck turning your life around when all employers can legally discriminate against you, and many are obligated to. Not even to mention the actual months and years in prison. It’s bullshit, and no prohibited drug user (not even a mere pothead) in the US is ever safe, not while private prisons get paid by the head.

    Keep the harmless out and free up room so you don’t have to release so many murderers and rapists on early parole. Makes perfect moral sense, but terrible financial advice!

    • I agree one hundred percent. I live in Sweden, and it’s even worse over here. You loose your drivers license for smoking one joint, and then have to make clean drugtests for over a year (which you pay for yourself, amounts to a huge sum of cash in the end) once a month or so.

      You can get kicked out of school, get fired at your work or even get thrown into jail for one single joint.

      In sweden, shooting up heroin is equal to smoking a joint, btw. It’s a bit off-topic, I’m just saying.

      Stop the war on drugs NOW! The US has already hurt the world enough without it. We need peace, not another war.

  22. after watching this documentary, i have promised myself two things:
    1. i will never use meth
    2. i will never live in montana.

  23. Wow… Im pretty sure I used to be in the same unit as Crystal in the Army

  24. i didn’t really watch it to be honest but seen so many of these drug documentaries now I may as well go shoot up. It really seems to me that these drugs are awesome and i’ve been missing out by getting an education and a good job.

  25. One of the most well done docu’s on addiction ive ever seen, its shocking and sad, every parent should watch this with their teens.

    • It’s very one-sided though. They exaggerate alot. But still, interesting scenes with the addicts. The rest of the documentary, with the “experts” talking, is just propaganda all the way through. They have no idea what they are talking about.

      • thats true Max, that is ,the part you say about knowing nothing. There are addicts and there are feends.Addicts are pretty much on a systematic pace by holding some sort of legal income and struggleing week to week one week away from the streets in meens of shelter and monthly bills.Then come the meth feends,anyone know where Im goin with this? Ok then, a person or many meth users are on a constant mission to re-up there personal stash by boosting at stores and breaking into cars or homes even counterfeiting u.s.currancy with printers and bleaching out 5 dollor bills and making bigger bills out of them.Feends cant use a little amount and carry on through the day on a normal dose they will beg, borrow,steal,con,trade,pawn,manufacture,cheat,solicit,suck,fuck,kill and then some and you will know one when you see one especialy if they think you have money or something you have to talk you out of.another thing is iv`e started to relize is the same tweeked out ones are pathological liers and bullshitters that concoct a story expecting the other person to believe every word and if you were to cal them on it they turn phsyco on ya. I think there are a lot more smokers out there than hypo`s and there is still the good ol fashioned snorters. the documentary never mentions a user that injest it through the mouth or shoving it up the ass and believe me there aint no more of a sufficiant way to the bloodstreem than keystering a shard or eating a chunk and start running or climbing the walls in desperation to get away from the demans that whisper your name or talk to you through tthe television set even the refrigerator grouling subliminal messages to one.these are what they call dope feends.and yes ,you guessd it,I am a user and still have my ducks in a row to an extent. Ive delt meth and ive been busted multiple times and actually successfully completed a few programs i was instructed to attend with a completion award to satisfie probation and the courts.Proposition 36 in California was a drug program offered to offenders instead of a jail sentance that was impossible to succede if useing but some squeezed by under radar if they were lucky. Thanks for reeding my post it was very theraputic and hope you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. signed, RHG in CALIF. USA  

        • Be clear on this one thing, Gandy, ………………………………. if you had, in fact, successfully completed even one program, you would no longer be an addict. That’s where the “successful” part comes in. What you have done is unsuccessfully completed several programs. Not that you should be ashamed of that by any means, it is a nasty sickness that is incredibly difficult to overcome. But, it is worth your every effort.