Moon For Sale

After 40 years, man is preparing to return to the Moon. But this time the astronauts won’t just land on the Moon – they plan to stay.

From his office in Nevada, Dennis Hope has spawned a multi-million dollar business selling lunar real estate. But scientists believe the real prize is trapped in the Moon’s rocks. It contains large deposits of an extremely rare gas called Helium-3. Could Helium-3 be mined and used as a new source of almost inexhaustible, clean and pollution-free energy on Earth?

Whoever succeeds in transporting Helium-3 back to Earth could solve the world’s energy crisis. Who will win what has been dubbed the second Moon race? And should we be exploiting the Moon’s valuable resources at all?

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  1. the high level at knowleged time as good weather climed at one nation sieceses life of the action…

  2. Nobody has the right to sell bits of the universe to humans. I’ll fucking piss all over your moon land plot and then you can charge me for it but you’ll be waiting until satan skates to work before you see a penny. Elitist types. Fucking ruined space for people already, making up the rules, making sure its all geared towards “them” and we havent even made it out there yet. Fucking human trash. Just like they rigged up society in the early 1900s, now we’re all slaves to the bastards, and they are rigging up space the same way. You wont be able to fucking breathe out there without a permit. I say go where you want, do what you want and dont apply for no fucking visa for the permission. Fuck their permission, both on Earth as it is in Space. Amen.

    P.s Did I mention I fucking hate elitist slave driving pigs? Kill them all.

  3. The main flaw with mining helium-3 on the moon is that even if we can do so economically, we as yet have no use for helium 3. Until scientists are able to build even a prototype fusion reactor that produces more energy than it consumes, and can run for more than a few seconds (so far neither has been done), the idea that “fusion power can replace oil” is still science fiction.

    Even if we can get past the anti-nuke politics which have become fashionable, controlled-fusion is very difficult. It will likely cost 10 times as much fission reactors if it can be done at all, and we’ve got to go to the moon to find the fuel. Yes, I’d like to see it happen, but I’m not holding my breath.

    As for people now buying real estate on the moon, remember the old saying about how a sucker is born every minute.

  4. selling moon land and making 9 million ,, LOL  ! now thas what i call real Power ! Unlimited Power!

  5. Well, the question is not if the Moon should be mined, but how is this going to help if helium 3 will get sold like today’s oil. Why should we keep practicing the same method of resources usage, since it’s proved to be false? There is an ethical issue over here as well, you can’t sell something that belongs even back from our starting point to all humanity, even if you’re the one to bring it over here (besides, the space missions are going to be international).

    Just imagine the possibilities of an internationally common program paid by all these useless until now taxes, and distributing helium 3 all over the world for free. The impact will be enormous. Beating poverty, resource based economy, change of the current hypocritical regime, class equalization and so much more will be closer than ever before.

    This is going to lift space exploration to maximum for all of us finally united (hope NOT in a global dictatorship), there is no law saying we can’t do both helping our situation and do scientific research. Just improving the first one is a way to do better with the other. Everything has to do with how much we leave corruption and profit lust to interfere.

  6. And when they land they will open a Mcdonals. So next time the Americunts supposedly go to the moon they can have a doubble whopper fries and a large cola

  7. And when they land they will open a Mcdonals. So next time the Americunts supposedly go to the moon they can have a doubble whopper fries and a large cola

  8. God bless the BBC.
    Great docu, by the way.

  9. God bless the BBC.
    Great docu, by the way.

  10. God bless the BBC.
    Great docu, by the way.

  11. Really great docco! makes me look forward to the future..