The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

Ramnicu Valcea is a town which is located in the center of Romania, at first glance it appears to be a typical town for the region, although quite beautiful. One would never suspect it of being the notorious ‘Hackerville’, a home to some of the most prolific cyber criminals the age of computing has ever seen. The Most Dangerous Town on The Internet examines these criminal activities and the threats that many of these hackers pose to the ever growing connected world of the Internet.

Whilst the country of Romania was under the Iron Curtain of Soviet Russia, it was stunted with regards to any technological advancement for much of the twentieth century. However in 1989 the country saw The Romanian Revolution overthrow the communist regime changing this forever. With this newly found freedom the youth of the day became ever increasingly hungry for inter-connectivity with the rest of the world, showing a true passion for innovation. With this came a new breed of internet hackers who began to target some of the worlds most powerful figures.

This film takes us on an extremely interesting journey through the underworld of cyber criminality, interviewing many of these accomplished hackers who have managed to relieve the online world of more than 1 billion dollars in the last year alone.


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