The Most Evil Men in History

When we attempt to think of the most evil man to have ever lived most people tend to jump to one person, that being Adolf Hitler. However, throughout the ages there have been many men who could be considered to have been just as evil as Hitler, some perhaps were even worse.

This documentary series does a fantastic job at rounding up and profiling some of these evil men, men who have committed many atrocities, using their power in order to torture, kill, maim and eradicate millions of people.

The men featured in the film are as follows:

Attila The Hun: Attila was Khan of the Huns. He is remembered as the epitome of cruelty and rapacity.

Bad King John: He murdered his nephew, inspired the legend of Robin Hood and caused the creation of Magna Carta.

Caligula: The Roman emperor’s reign is a legendary frenzy of lunacy, murder, and perverse sexuality.

Francisco Pizarro: Francisco Pizarro was one of the European explorers who went to South America to colonize it and had natives murdered so he could plunder their gold and silver.

Hitler: Adolf Hitler tried to mold Germany and a large portion of the 20th century into his own twisted design. Luckily for posterity he failed but not before destroying the lives of millions of people.

Idi Amin: Idi Amin rose to become a brutal and utterly ruthless dictator who committed atrocities on his people.

Ivan the Terrible: Ivan IV of Russia, also know as Ivan the Terrible, was the Grand Duke of Muscovy from 1533 to 1547 and was the first ruler of Russia to assume the title of Tsar. He was also a devout theist.

Joseph Stalin: Perhaps 7 million or more people were shot with a total suppression of about 50 million under uncle Joe Stalin. One of the great tyrant’s of the 20th century and indeed any century.

Nero: He brought the entire Roman Empire to the brink of collapse with his legendary excesses and cruelty.

Pol Pot: Responsible for the Killing Fields and Year Zero Pol Pot waged a gruesome war on his own population.

Rasputin: He was an uneducated peasant who gained a reputation as a faith healer. His strange behaviour and incredible influence over the imperial family made him notorious and his death made him a legend.

Torquemada: Torquemada tortured and burned thousands of innocent Spaniards and expelled Spains Jewish population. Thomas De Torquemada was head of the Spanish inquisition and was renowned for his cruelty.

Vlad the Impaler: Vlad is best known for the legends of the exceedingly cruel punishments he imposed during his reign and for serving as the primary inspiration for the vampire main character in popular Dracula novel.


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  1. no bushes? or blair or clinton

  2. no members of the bush family? no clinton no blair..

  3. No George Herbert Walker Bush?

  4. Laugh at horror inflicted on Rome and christians -so innocent minding their business . Leslie Graham is a pee drinking scum bucket .

  5. Whatever one might think about Hitler he did solve the Jewish problem Well not quite maybe but even today there are far fewer Jews in Warsaw today than there were before the war.
    Ironically we now have Muslims taking over Europe and destroying our culture and democracy and it looks as though we will have to clean out the continent all over again.

  6. No such thing as “evil” a better documentary would study the possible neurological and psychological basis for the actions of such men. Every time I see this archaic term used I take a hard pass.

    •’s people like you that enable evil by ignore it’s existence.

      • You cannot “enable” the supernatural, it isn’t real. I do however work in an environment that seeks to understand certain extreme behaviours and pathologies. I could explain it to you, but I couldn’t understand it for you. You stick to your fairy tales and ghost stories. Little love. lol

    • I don’t have a problem with the term.

      • Then it is likely you have an understanding of the world based on belief rather than facts. Many people “don’t have a problem with the term” however it’s still outdated and based on archaic belief systems.

    • Your right. Mentally ill is a better term.

      • No, that’s an excuse and means nothing. Even if it were true..they are still evil.

        • What’s your excuse for being ignorant? Yep you’re restricted by the confines of your brain and genetics and environment, we all are. “Evil” is a supernatural explanation put forward because millennia ago we did not understand such things. It’s a sad indictment on the education system of your country that you still don’t even now.