Mountain Men: The Ghosts of K2

A BBC documentary which explores the history of climbing K2, the mountaineers mountain, from the early days to the summit with historical footage photographs & re-enactments.

The episode features:
Lino Lacedelli, Achille Compagnoni, Pete Schoening, Charlie Houston, Bob Bates, Ed Webster, Bill Putnam, Dudley Rochester, Bob Craig, George Bell, Tony Streather, Dee Molenaar.

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  1. Can you PLEASE provide the years these documentaries were filmed?

  2. I kinda got mad that the Italians brute forced it. Great documentary

  3. 10/10 doc. The first expedition was a complete shambles and shows egotism has no place in the lofty heights.

  4. Wow! Excellent film!!

  5. A really good one. Never a dull moment!