Mr. & Mrs. Bin Laden

A strange tale of love and lust straight from the newspaper headlines, Mr. & Mrs. bin Laden tells the story of the fourth son of Osama bin Laden’s controversial marriage to a British grandmother twice his age.

It was always the most unlikely of marriages: a 51-year-old grandmother and five-time divorcée from Cheshire, to a 26-year-old Saudi man who already had a wife and child himself. The fact that the man Jane Felix Browne married was also the son of the world’s most-wanted terrorist, and she is now Osama bin Laden’s daughter-in-law, made the story almost unbelievable. But the truth about the relationship between Mrs. bin Laden and the young and severely smitten Omar bin Laden is wonderfully elusive. After all, Jane claimed that she knew from first glance that they would be married.

Filmmaker Lynn Alleway follows this unusual couple as they embark on a fresh start together. Omar talks about the burden of his last name, what he thinks about the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center and his feelings for his father. This is the first time that a close family member of Osama bin Laden has given an in-depth interview.

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  1. The cheesy music is hilarious.

  2. this jane woman is a complete fcking idiot! this whole documentary screams that she’s in it for the publicity. can she also stop telling omar every second that she loves him?? i’m sure he’s aware of it. he’ll probably marry some other woman in a year anyway. 

    “apparently they’re following me everywhere”
    “why would anyone want to follow you?”
    “because i’m famous”
    what a ridiculous brit.

  3. Interesting documentary, but a shame the maker constantly talks about herself. The word ‘I’ or ‘me’ in so many sentences gets very irritating.

  4. That bin laden dude is so emo.