Multiple Personalities

In early times, evil spirits were thought to possess people and make them act in strange and frightening ways. By the 1800’s, the study of this hysteria led some doctors to believe one person could have separately functioning personalities.

In this rare research film from the 1920’s, a woman has different personalities who believes they are separate people. One is a male that is not comfortable in women’s clothes. Playing club games was previously conceivable just in land-based Casinos Online. In any case, with the rise of the Internet, players can now appreciate playing Casino games in the solace of their homes. Canadian Casinos Online give makes it advantageous for you to wager on the games you love, and these games are given in great designs giving you real gaming experience. Moreover, Canadian Casinos Online at this site are accessible to players in Canada as well as to players from one side of the planet to the other. Another is a small child. The affliction has been known by different names, but recognized for centuries. Today it is called multiple personality disorder.

Why have they become tormented and broken into different personalities? What is the childhood pain that lies buried in the unknown depths of their mind? How can they search for the deadly memories that holds the secrets of their paths and the promise of their healing?

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  1. I can’t believe people who call themselves medical doctors are still using these methods to “treat” a patient, “trying to put personalities together”, doing some kind of hypnosis, instead of focusing on what’s going on in the actual brain and trying to fix the brain chemistry that led to all this. Instead now they are trying to fix the consequences instead of the cause! In a hundred years when people understand and learn to treat the brain as precisely as they understand and treat the body now, they are going to laugh at this approach! Right now we are still in medieval times in terms of how we approach treatment of mental illness!

  2. fascinating. A follow up piece would be nice. I wonder how they are doing today. Also brings up the issue of perpetrator vs. victim. We know some abuse victims become psychotic abusers themselves. Do multiples always take the anger out on the primary self or do they also commit crimes at large while in the other state or personality. And is PERSONALITY really the right term? Sounds a little shallow considering the spectrum it controls including eyesight. Anyway, just a few thoughts. The film was very interesting.

  3. didn’t think mutiple personality disorder was real. after watching this it’s changed my mind. the woman broke her arm and couldn’t recall her doing it. if it wasn’t real, no sane person would do that.

  4. D I D is real ,we are d i d ! and There are a lot like us out there ,but because of how solid world percieves us we hide ! When solid world oneses find out they shun us . There is a lot of predigious feelings out in solid world . We have been D I D and known we were a lot of people in a single shell since this shell was only 6 This happens when the first one in the shell goes thru such abuse that everything shatters and others are created (come into being ) And over time as each one created enteracts with solid world we become sentient ,we become able to think independantly within the shell . We become a family and we protect the shell for the( first) who is no longer able to do so. And yes our world is amazing !And we actually fell saddness for the oneses.that will never be able to see and know of this beautiful and amazing world that can exist in a single shell !

  5. Sodium Penothal is real. But use by law enforcement would be a major civil rights issue. We have the right not to incriminate ourselves or be injected by serums if we are suspected of a crime. SP is, however, used in the military.

  6. does not exist. sybil is responsible

  7. these are too brief. i wish there was something more in depth about the first girl 

  8. That was a very interesting Doku.
    I have to say, even if she acts iresponsible, I liked Carry.
    Because, no one normaly seems to ask the other personalitys how they feel about that situation
    “I feel used, I’m just allowed to come out when Barb can’t handel things”
    I wonder if there are documentarys about how to handle the idea of getting along with those other characters and how much they deserve some sort of own life. If they are realy minds of them selfs and what happens with those personalitys if the “patients” are able to patch up their souls.
    Are they condemed to vanish even if they don’t want to?

  9. It truly is incredible what the brain will do to save itself. Developing an entirely different personality to take the stage and the bullet when things get too tough, or to hide memories that the brain knows will traumatize them. 

  10. Wow…I was skeptical about this disease before I saw this. I am not now. Honestly, for those that think it’s faked, I would love to know how the lady injected with the truth serum, beat that out to continue acting.

    • I am still a bit sceptic, feels like these therapists are feeding her dillusions. But I could be wrong. And there is no such thing as a truth serum. If there would be, the justice system and the police would use it daily.

  11. My question: how can anyone know if these so-called repressed memories aren’t just delusions brought on by these other delusional/non-real personalities or if these people aren’t just having delusions of other personalities being there much like how a schizophrenic hears multiple voices coming from themselves? If she (barb) was abused with a drill she would still have holes in her body/scarring. Extreme physical abuse would also cause extreme scarring so my question is…where are these scars? If she does have scars why wasn’t that mentioned as evidence for the abuse? If the physical abuse was only light than yes even those scars could fade but not something like being “drilled on your body”.

  12. These people are mentally ill all right. They have attention-seeking behavior likely from some kind of psychological disorder, like histrionic personality disorder. Multiple personality disorder has been widely discredited since the mid-90s, which is why you rarely hear it mentioned anymore. Same goes for Satanic ritual abuse. They are both proven frauds.

  13. scary scary documentary!, amazing!

  14. scary scary documentary!, amazing!

  15. scary scary documentary!, amazing!

  16. scary scary documentary!, amazing!

  17. scary scary documentary!, amazing!

  18. scary scary documentary!, amazing!

  19. scary scary documentary!, amazing!

  20. scary scary documentary!, amazing!

  21. I think it’s just attention seeking tbh…

  22. the image below the video doesnt represent multiple just portray real faces of emoticons lolz

  23. I think Spielberg watched this documentary before he wrote season 3 of the United States of Tara

  24. I think Spielberg watched this documentary before he wrote season 3 of the United States of Tara

  25. often people with multiple personality disorder are victims of S.R.A (satanic ritual abuse) which has been covered up and discredited. Watch the  consiracy of silence documentary it might start to open some eyes

  26. WOW, the abuse the cop went trough is absolutely insane. Poor guy…

  27. MPD does not exist. It’s munchhausen syndrome.
    Those people are just attention seeking looser.

  28. wow.. this is an amazing video to bring awareness to what the consequences of child abuse can be. i really hope this taboo gets broken and that people will start to act on this. the abusers should be punished!

  29. why the hell is he allowed to be a cop with MPD?

    • If you’d paid attention to the film, you’d have seen that he switches when he needs to use different skills. None of the alters that come out when he’s on the job seemed reckless or ineffective. It’s ignorant to assume that he’s unable to perform his job because of his alters.

      • not really, i mean thats an extremely serious position, cops come across terrible things in their line of work, does he really need that if hes already dealing with suppressed memories? what if comes across something that causes him to switch? especially if hes involved in child abuse cases