Mum Loves Drugs, Not Me

In this shocking Dispatches special we witness the devastating effects of illegal drug abuse, not on those who use them but rather on the 350,000 or so children who’s parents have a serious drug problem and the grandparents who tend to be left to pick up the pieces.

Around 3,500 babies are born to heroin addicted mothers every year in the United Kingdom, this equates to about 10 a day and in this film we follow several families who are currently struggling in one way or another to live a normal life as drug abuse has brought about destruction.

One such individual is April, and at the time of filming she was just a few weeks clean from using heroin and had moved back in with her mother who had given up her job in order to keep her daughter April clean and help protect her unborn daughter Carmella, but due to her past April is now struggling with the involvement of the social services and risks losing her child.


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