Mummified Child

This time the team heads back into a dark corner of the 19th century, to a time when corpses were turned into trophies and children were sold by the inch.

Their subject is the bizarre mummified body of a child.

Sue and the team pick up the trail that leads to body snatching, serial murder and anatomical science in darkest Victorian Britain. Can they give our boy a home, a face, or a name?

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  1. This could have been so cool, but oh my god, the over bearing score, the over drama (as if these people were really tearing up over a child who’d been dead for more than 100 years)… it’s a little insulting.

  2. if it was so bad why did you finish watching it? And what conclusion were they supposed to have drawn? They set out to find out about it and they did, it’s a documentary not a movie. Information, not entertainment bro. And cheap dramatic devices? Would it have been better if it was just plainly narrated? 

  3. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it! Jesus…

  4. great summary john, over dramatised with no proper conclusion…… nonsense!!!

  5. the civilized Eurocunts

  6. loved the super-amped up excited process to examining the mummified child … i definitely think some fun was had here

  7. A bit over-dramatized and played-up. Some nonsensical sequences (i.e. “injecting” the arterial mixture into a pigs artery…by dripping it in. “It works” says the researcher, as if more than a couple of inches of her waxy formula flowed in, which it did not)
    So, definitely dumbed-down.
    Also, prone to drawing shaky conclusions for audience-effect. And the final scene where the lead researcher says “we have a decision to make” and then she, essentially, makes the decision feels very contrived.
    All in all, a missed opportunity hampered mainly by the lure of cheap dramatic devices and semi-scripted scenes.

  8. they haven’t changed in their attitudes, just advanced their methods.