The Murder Detectives

The Murder Detectives is by far one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, it is a truly groundbreaking three part series which sees Channel 4 gain unprecedented access to an 18 month long murder investigation carried out by the Avon and Somerset Police.

Throughout the course of this series we are taken on a complete journey, a journey which begins the very moment a young man calls 999 (the British emergency services line) and utters the words “Oh fucking hell, I’ve been stabbed really bad”, as this young man breaths his last breaths and ultimately dies it becomes evident that this films approach is unique. We are about to witness this murder investigation in real-time, filmed as the actual events unfolded and in chronological order as if we ourselves were taken on a ride a long.

It was March 5th 2014 that saw Nicholas Robinson, a 19-year old teenager murdered in what initially seemed to be a senseless stabbing, it was this night Robinson sadly became another statistic representing a deeper issue affecting many of Britain’s cities today.

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