Murder in the Amazon

In May 2011, married environmental activists Zé Cláudio Ribeiro and Maria do Espirito Santo were shot to death outside their house in the Amazonian state of Para.

A month later VICE traveled to Zé Cláudio’s hometown of Marabá, which was once in the middle of the rainforest and is now surrounded by miles and miles of clearcut cattle land.

As the investigation into Zé and Maria’s murders went nowhere, VICE drove into the forest to the site of the killings, followed the heavily armed men of Brazil’s environmental protection agency as they busted up illegal timber mills, visited the militant squatters of Brazil’s Landless Movement, met modern day slaves, and marveled at the lawless, violent atmosphere that permeates the town locals call Marabála (that means Mara-bullets).

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  1. Great Doc, Vice Rules!!
    Capitalism is fucken it all up!! Human capitalist swine can only take for so long, than they are gonna be screwed like the rest of us.

  2. serves them right; the lid’s off these so-called environmental activists as a soft cover for hard core warfare; one and the same as the corps who finance the obliteration of the natural world.

  3. Sadly, a perfect example of a major global ESPN issue ..Economics ..the large sums paid for the timber Society …Brazil’s overpopulation & finding favellas and lands for the people to tend (and reside), deaths of activists…Politics …politicos failing to or poor attempts at enforcing forest code and regulations and eNvironment ..obvious destruction of rain forest thus wildlife extinction decreasing in medicine rich plant species and the world’s great oxygen generators ..we should all visit the rainforest bc it will be nonexistent shortly sad sad sad ..