Murder on the Streets

Serious violence is on the rise across Britain, with 100 violent deaths in London in 2018 alone, including at least 16 teenagers. During the summer of that year, Panorama went to the heart of one community affected by the violence, filming with the family of a murdered teenager. A 17-year-old boy who was shot dead in Southwalk, South London, his name was Rhyhiem Barton. Barton was a well-known rapper. So what is it that is fueling the murders of children like Rhyhiem?

Filming with his family and friends, this programme looks at the devastation and loss caused by Rhyhiem’s death- from their perspective. It explores what might have led to his murder and how the community has responded to try and prevent more of their children being killed and asks the question is there any way to end the violence?

Directed by: Adeyemi Michael

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