My Penis and I

This is a film I made (The Author) in 2005 for the BBC. “I guess this thing is about having a small dick, and it’s horrible saying that because it’s true…. And why is it such a problem? This is what this film is about”. My Penis and I follows my two-year journey to discover if size matters. It charts the effect my penis has had on my life, my family and my relationship with my girlfriend Nicola. The film is now out of BBC licensing and I am free to distribute it non-commercially.

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  1. Woh I like your articles, saved to favorites!.

  2. what’s incredible about this and the girls in the ‘big pussy’ documentary is the impact of bullying, especially at school! Why do bullies single out genital size? Why do they care?

    • I can a sure u having a tiny penis ruins ur life, I seen this film years ago my penis erect is smaller than he’s lol no I suffer from porn addiction all day I look at huge fat penis.

  3. Hello.This post was really fascinating, especially since I was looking for thoughts on this issue last Tuesday.

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  5. Lawrence is rather charming! I totally enjoyed this documentary and I think the take-away is that we all need to be more matter of fact about our bodies. Itʻs the totally package that counts, not the parts. Big, small, pointy, droopy, round, flat, hairy, smooth, veiny, scarred, brown, white—whatever.

  6. cock size increase on the NHS what ever next lol

  7. The woman that says medium is half her arm has to have the loosest pussy ever. There is nooo resistance going in that thing for sure. You could probably crawl in that fuckin thing and live in it. Maybe fall out, but still….live in it. I dont understand why its never brought up. Woman says you have a small dick, but has she ever thought maybe I have a giant pussy. Might be worth checking out huh. Just sayin

    • Having a huge pussy trying to fill it with an average size dick would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

    • Bet you are a big hit with the ladies there John Paul.

    • Dude,I gotta say,I got quite kick out of your comment.Your matter-of-fact,dry tone & the colorful verbiage you chose to frame your take on the film,combined with several rather good points that you listed(that happen to agree with you on)made your comments..make my day.Someone once said that the only real difference between successful comedians & the rest of us,is that they choose to describe life & the world around them in a way that,although probably very normal for them,& that then strikes the rest of us as comical or humorous because of the way they describe it.And I think I agree with them.The words you used & the imaginative,kinda different way you used them to make your point,all added up to a concise & yet informative opinion.Thanks for leaving a comment.

    • A little sensitive there Paul.

    • A vagina is a potential space. Itʻs a muscular tube that is basically closed (sides touching) until something enters it.

    • Shaming a woman for the “size” of her vagina is the exact same as shaming a man for the size of his penis. Stop making this a “who has to be blamed for what” question, there is literally no point in making people feel insicure over things they cannot control.

  8. The dumb bitch lol who said medium was half her arm? In what country? I feel for this guy. More so after seeing how some people react to something that does not matter. If guys dick size was as apparent as a womans breast size – in your face so to speak how different would this world be? So many of my friends brag how big they are and “how she couldn’t handle it” etc only to be actually 6 inches erect? Its talk, its nonsense. Be happy and move forward leave the shallow chicks on the side as you cruise by happily.

  9. How about the size of your waistline and pudgy face, dude? Damn

  10. People act like size doesn’t matter. They’re only kidding themselves. Guys that say that have micropenis

  11. That’s not the only problem. He’s also fat and ugly

    • ah, the internet just wouldn’t be the internet without the youtube comments kicking a guy when he’s down. Don’t you think the fact that he created this film to begin with, pretty much telegraphs his debilitating insecurity to the whole world?

      I clicked on the link because I thought this it might be good for a laugh, but.. now I think i’m gonna hop elsewhere instead. I heard there’s a great ‘documentary’ on this site on how and why rothschild illuminati reptilian overlords wanted to crash airplanes into the same buildings they had already rigged with dynamite! Oh two others docs in the “top ten” which seemed to have the same blurb: “To not believe something there is no evidence for is very bad! Bad for society! Atheists are bad!” , they both sound swell. Good ol’ educative content.

  12. They call anal sex ‘Greek,’ so yeah, maybe those people valued a small dick.

  13. Picture or your clit is normal size. lol

  14. We should meet. I’m 7 inches, but I promise not to use it all. Never mind, I suspect I’m lying. No wait, I’m sure of it. It could have been wonderful too. 🙁

  15. I think (know) you should only speak for yourself. How could you possibly know what someone else prefers or would be happy with? You comment makes you seem like a fool actually. I imagine you’re a very shallow, unhappy person.

  16. Donkey Cock? You rang?

  17. The guy has a small penis? HAHAHAHAHAH sucks for him.

  18. Glad he ended up accepting himself as he is. Losing weight could have improved him a lot as well, but he looked happy so it’s OK. He is very lucky to have such an understanding and loving girlfriend. I think what makes a guy attractive more than size is his confidence. Not saying arrogance, but confidence and self-respect, which he finally achieved.

  19. Sex/Intercourse is the more mental and psychological mating and the less concern with genitals mating. Genitals are just medias to mat but if the couple is not mentally and psychologically involved in this activity, the genitals features(length, girth, size, orgasm, natural lubrication of vagina etc.) all go astray.

  20. Who gives a flying fuck about this guy cock ?

  21. Any woman who says penis size does not matter is a woman who has not met a man as small as in this video or a woman who has never had a vaginal orgasm. I doubt if the girlfriend have any had virginal orgasm which makes the penis size irrelevant. There is no way I would tell a man with 5cm penis length that “Size does not matter. Its what you do with it”. How can you do anything with it when its this small?

  22. Agreed. And whatever a guy’s size, he needs to keep it healthy. Regular use of a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with amino acids and vitamins can help.

  23. Penis Enlargement Bible + X4 Pro Extender. Together you can easily achieve. 4 inches growth within 6 months or less. No joke just do it, they work period.
    But NEVER Take saw palmetto EVER, it can shut down your ability to function sexually for life.

  24. whats the music/song called that starts at 21:10 ??

  25. I like a large cock because I have a deep cervix. I also get off the best when it’s missionary intercourse and the tip is massaging my g-spot (we’re all adults here). Since I have these special needs my lover could not have a small one. However, a great many women prefer to orgasm through oral love and they truly may not like intercourse very much and a little dick is a good match. I knew a woman years ago who had a shallow vaginal canal and she said even 3.5 inches was too much. Anyway, this film is bold and brave and revealing and makes me appreciate being a woman so the issue doesn’t apply.

  26. I admire your courage to make this film and share your journey. My heart broke for you telling the story of the bitch who in front of you wiggled her little finger and laughed with her friends. Hope Karma paid her a visit. Anyway as for the size of your penis, ya know what, its a problem if you make it a problem. A girl might be disapointed but a women would see the whole man. I have to say I think you girlfriend loves you for who you are, and yes sex is an important part of any relationship so go work on making it amazing. Intercourse is only one part of having sex. I also have to say I would feel if I was your girlfriend that you may only be staying with me out of the fear of rejection from other girls, THAT would bother me a hell of alot more than the size of your penis. Staying with someone out of insecurities is really the wrong reason, so im really hoping that is not the case. She deserves better and so do you. Best of luck in finding a happy place with all this and really well done to you making this film. Only a real man could make a this film. ☺

  27. So many ridiculous comments on here. A woman wanting a partner with a large penis is a “whore”? Lol! There is nothing wrong with wishing your partner was better endowed, especially if the size of his penis is the root of his insecurities – just like the guy’s girlfriend said: It’s not even down to the fact she wants him to have a bigger dick for their sex life, but the fact it would make him more confident in their relationship and life in general.
    Also, when a woman says her partner’s penis is “fine” or “perfect” when it’s on the small side, she’s not exactly lying. Let’s say the love of my life has a tiny wiener, but the sex is still good (since there’s much more to sex than a simple penis to vagina in 1 position) and he’s a lovely man all around. Am I going to have a problem with his small dick? Hell no, since there is so much more to him than his penis size. Now let’s take the same guy with the same tiny penis, but have a situation where we don’t know each other and are having a one night stand. Am I going to make fun of him to my girlfriends after the deed is done? Most likely. It’s all about the context.

    • Those people are forgetting that some men aren’t any bigger than ring or pinky finger sizes. And some men suffer from micropenis.

    • “Am I going to make fun of him to my girlfriends after the deed is done? Most likely. It’s all about the context” – Don’t know why most women like to do this. Since when is mocking/making fun of people a good thing?

      Disappointed, sure. But I’d never go around and be a first-class bitch and laugh at a guy for something he really has no control over.

      It’s like laughing at a guy for having down syndrome.

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    • I need to make my cock more rise!! It more droop now. I put my thumb in my mouth and blew real hard, and it popped right up, but it more droop again when I stopped blowing. Could you blow me and make it more rise again? Thanks.

  29. I had a 2 year relationship with a barely 4″er. I admit, the first time we did it, I thought he was smallish. But we fell in love, and it didn’t really matter. I was able to orgasm just fine on top. Sex is 99% is mental, only 1% physical anyway.
    I can say I ended a pretty promising relationship due to an over-sized penis. It hurt when it hit my cervix. Every guy I have ever been with commented i am very tight, even after having a child and hitting 40 yrs old. I guess I am the female counterpart to small penis. I am half Irish, lol. My husband of 10 years is just over 5″, and it has never been an issue. 🙂

    • PS- Women can give great oral to a less endowed man. He just needs good self esteem so he can relax and fully enjoy 😉

  30. He believes he cannot satisfy his wife due to his own insecurity about the size of his penis of which has nothing to do with her; it’s an internalized value of his. More importantly, the reason he cannot satisfy his wife is likely because of his obesity and he is erroneously attributing this to his penis size as this is something he is more comfortable with in respect to his ego.

    In the end it’s all about him and the dissonance between his idealized self and his actual self. It’s very narcissistic.

    Regardless, if he wanted to increase his penis size all he has to do is lose weight; the vast majority of it is clearly occluded by that great amount of pubic fat he has. I’d argue he’s of perfectly average size underneath.

    Besides, if he lost weight his penis would also appear much bigger irrespective of the fat pad — humans do not perceive the size of objects in absolute terms; only relative.

  31. Think of sex as a game of golf: sure, having a small penis is a handicap and all, but you’d be a real idiot to use just the one club (your penis) for the entire game anyway (unless you’re Happy Gilmore). So use different clubs (your mouth, fingers, sex toys, explore fantasies and fetishes, how do you think lesbians satisfy each other?) to better your game (sex), and just remember to try out different courses (BBW, petite, mature, Black, White, Asian, Desi, Latina etc).

    What I’m getting at is that the female body is a beautiful and wondrously complex thing; and can be satisfied in many ways… all of which you can learn.

    • Hey, you forgot midgets, eh, small people. They need penis too. And what about the Monkey Women from the jungle? Maybe that was just a dream I had.

  32. It’s annoying how women try to always throw in the breast size thing when men complain about their penis size, because breasts have nothing to do with giving a man an orgasm. It doesn’t matter at all how small a womans breasts are because we come either way the same. Woman always need to feel like they are the victims when sexual insults are present, but guys are the ones with all the worries as far
    as sex is concerned. Women don’t have to do anything. And guys, a womans g-spot is 2 or 3 inches inside, so that is all you need to please her, and if that isn’t enough for her than she is probably just a whore, and has serious issues that you don’t want to get involved with anyways. If a woman can give herself an orgasm with her finger, than what is the problem?

  33. Damn, I do not feel as bad anymore knowing that some other man are smaller than I am. I have to agree that this man have bigger balls than many with donkey cocks.

  34. No matter how many times you say size doesn’t matter…. its does. This man will never ever make a woman feel sexually satisfied.

    Every sexual experience a woman has with him will simply be a compromise and deep down she will crave a larger cock, and eventually cheat. No matter what they say. If a woman says your 3 inch cock is fine, she is lying, plain and simple.

    • I’m not big. And two women have left their husbands for me. One husband was particularly large, in fact. To the point that it sometimes hurt, she said. We cheated on him for 6 months before they got divorced. You also need to take into account that like large and small sizes of penises there are as many sizes as vaginas. You two women, Michelle and Alice, sound like you have huge vaginas: the female equivalent to having a tiny penis … Enjoy that.

    • You should really speak for yourself, I mean how shallow are you. Any woman craving larger cock as you say is a whore, and should just start charging money. No guy wants a whore anyways who complains about dick size. I feel sorry for you because you will probably never know what having a real emotionally close relationship is because all you think about in men is the size of the cock that you can bang. Pretty pathetic. Also, all the guys I know and have known with large cocks, cheat like animals, so don’t get too tied down. Pun intended.

      • Sorry to bust your bubble, but size DOES matter. Women talk to each other. I have lived on 3 continents and all my girlfriends have offered an opinion about the guys they were dating’s package….NONE were ever flattering when the guy had a small penis. I know we want the world to be this place where we are all empathetic but at its basic level, we are seeking alpha males and small penis is not alpha quality. Sorry. And for all those who think men with big penis are unfaithful, that is not true. I am the second woman my husband ever dated and he has been faithful for 10 years. And yes…he has the heart of an angel and is super well hang!

        • I’m not big. And two women have left their husbands for me. One husband was particularly large, in fact. To the point that it sometimes hurt, she said. We cheated on him for 6 months before they got divorced. You also need to take into account that like large and small sizes of penises there are as many sizes as vaginas. You two women, Michelle and Alice, sound like you have huge vaginas: the female equivalent to having a tiny penis… Enjoy that.

  35. this dude is smaller than me and iam small but he has a woman and i cant even keep a woman

  36. this is serious matter.

  37. I just saw the title and began laughing. But this is not laughing matter.

  38. It late for some of you guys but Zinc help the body to create testosterone!!! Just eat alot of zinc containing food or take some zinc pills

  39. WOW talk about self asteem boost, poor bloke but atleast he is happy.

  40. I…just have the greatest respect for you. What guy would have the balls to tell this in a car full of hot women! That’s true manhood man, and nothing else, but THAT!

  41. This was a fantastic video and watching the process that Lawrence has gone through was amazing to watch. The end result is that he is much more accepting then the beginning but isn’t that life in general with problems and issues. The girlfriend is a real person with an incredible personality. This has been an indepth experience for me to view this video. I never thought men ever felt this way….ever!!

  42. why do I get the feeling that he is more comfortable with himself than he lets on.
    I feel weird saying that, as it comes off as being a negative comment.
    It’s great that he is comfortable with himself but the whole happy ending felt rather fake.

    Anyway, don’t want to be negative.
    This documentary was still a very important one to be done and I hope there are many more like it.
    I feel that women need to be educated about these types of things because as a society we know the female insecurities and we are more open towards the female body ( I would love someone to argue that that is not fact!)

    We are less open towards female sexuality than men’s which is another issue but the male anatomy is still something women in their 30’s will laugh at. Go to any Greek exhibit and watch all the lady’s laughing at male genitalia on a statue.

    Anyway great documentary to watch, and I hope men will stop judging themselves over the size of their penis’ eventually.

    • So true I just say women need to be honest and clarify what they mean, no point saying your mans penis is perfect for you but yet when someone talks about a big penis you light up like a christmas tree and giggle like a teenager looking at porn

  43. How did this documentary get a 9.1/10?  I think it took a lot of courage to make, however I cant justify such a high rating.

  44. Epic!
    It was amazing to watch someone open up and let the world into such painful vulnerability.
    I was almost 30 by the time I heard a girlfriend talk about her preference size
    wise and that was the FIRST time the thought of a preference even crossed my
    mind. Since then it’s still not something I consider when I consider attraction
    to a man. Size matters to me a whole lot, but it’s the size of heart…..the
    rest is just a package for the important stuff.

  45. I mean, look at all the Hollywood ladies, they almost all have implants and if they didnt get them, they wouldnt get the movie parts. So guys, quit being crybabies.

  46. Time to invent dangerous silicone penis implants.

  47. Its true, we guys objectify women’s breasts and bodies. Any guy who denies that is a liar.  Looks like the ladies are doing unto guys as guys have done unto them. Seems fair imo… but then I am a nice guy.

  48. Watch “The disappearing Male” at doc zone site. 

  49. As a girl, I enjoy men who are smaller. I call them “fun size” 🙂 and I am not the only girl to feel that way. Smaller sized penis men are more introverted and more likely to treasure their girlfriends–more likely to commit and less likely to sleep around. Also, since I am smaller in my own lower regions–I find a smaller penis a better “fit.”

  50. I admire you and your partner immensely.As a youngster now 50 I masturbated a lot,and basically you should realise that your penis is a muscle and with excercise it grows bigger(use it or lose it)should be a big hobby!,You had a phobia which prevented this,size is definately not important.Love is,and love often and it will grow 🙂

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